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Own Your Worthiness

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Beckie Kullberg
Life Coach
It's easy to get off track and only focus on the parts you don't like about yourself. It's time to get back on track and reacquainted with the parts you do love. This is the power of owning YOUR worthiness.
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2 reflections
I feel worthy in my heart and my head. My worthiness energy is the color of sunshine and the shape of a beam from flashlight. I learned from this meditation that in order to be worthy of good things happening to us, we first have to be aware of and ownBeing worthy
Embodied Visualised Worthiness
I love that worthiness can be visualized! And creatively seen in the spirit with wholehearted joy and ownership and playfulness. And I love that those meditation connects it to our body. It was surprising for me, challenging me to really fond a space/ place(s) within me I can invite worth in and own that. So grounding. Thank you 😊