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Overcome Anxiety

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Glenn Harrold
This hypnotherapy session has been designed to help you overcome anxiety and feel much more calm and in control of your stress levels. The recording has a very warm feel to it and will guide you into a deeply relaxed and safe space. From this inner place, you will be guided to release the causes of your anxiety in a safe way.
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Overcome Anxiety
I listened to it almost every night for about a month. After a few triggering events I found myself practicing the tools from this practice. It has been extremely helpful for my day to day life.
Releasing Anxiety
This morning I have a dentist appointment which always gives me anxiety. I thought I would try this hypnotherapy session to see if it would help. Glenn has you visualize a situation that gives you anxiety . I immediately thought of being at the dentist which I could feel my anxiety levels rising. Then he has you press your forefinger and thumb together while breathing which immediately I could feel my anxiety going away. I will use this technique today along with trying to focus on my breathing while getting my teeth cleaned.
I find the longer meditations so helpful in pausing the cycles of thought.
I have listened to this for about a week and am really noticing a difference. I am able to handle stress & anxiety better. I am starting to fall asleep a little to early though and am wondering if that’s a problem since I’m not consciously hearing the entire meditation before sleep.
Over Coming Anxiety
The very best of Glen Harrells I have ever experienced. On Aura Glen is the only hypnotist I listen to currently. Glen Harrell has been the only hypnotist with the exception of a portion of 3 others. Jimmy
I love water. And the ocean. Visualizing helps clear my mind.
Anxiety Relief
Wow is all I can say right now. I am feeling such relief and I am hoping to carry this meditation with me through out my day. Thank you for a little peace. Well Done ❤️
Thank you glen
I am grateful for this session i was kind of overwhelmed lately by anxiety stress nightmares and negative thoughts, this helped me reset the thoughts and let go of the negativity will definitely look for more of glen’s sessions
I’m unsure which if it’s the session I just listen to, on anxiety and a hypnotic, or seeing Glen Live this week? Sometimes so relaxed I fall asleep
** The session LIVE empowered me! It was wonderful! floating like a feather was easier for me to imagine than drifting down into my bed. The baggage he shared was similar to mine, I’ve felt inadequate and stupid throughout my childhood, it carried on to adulthood. It opened me up to the junk I brought along with me from Glen’s story. He already had in two+ years It furthered to empowered me seeing him LIVE He’s helping me be more confident and in EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE! . I had an improvisational show directly after on Zoom. I’ve struggled with feeling good enough. I’ve taken a plethora of classes in it, both online and in person and performed in bothAfter being criticized harshly when I was in a live class, afterwards I had no confidence and was labeled in our small group of theaters in Omaha NE Most people many years younger. I was liked but never improved. I performed less and less, and had few opportunities to. After I found Zoom, I discovered a more positive place with a different style and more people nearer to my age. I discovered a new instructor who beat it into my head that I had potential and things changed slowly. The only things I heard were those of encouragement but I continued to struggle. My baggage was still haunting me. This kind instructor helped and continues to help bolster me and I’ve improved, but it’s been LISTENING to Glen regularly now, often 2+ times a day, that’s totally changed my mindset and pleasure with my entire life. Glen’s made the most difference. Not just with performing, I’m critical of myself still at times but my transmission has been one I never imagined. Seeing Glen on Zoom was so fantastic! In two short years I’m now in an in an advanced improv class. Many students have 20-30+years of experience. They’re also encouraging and am learning my worth. 6 years of discouragement! I still haven’t went back to in theaters her. A different style. I’m cautiously returning to the the theater soon. I’ll be holding my head high anyway. I developed a debilitating a chronic pain condition in both of my upper extremities. I haven’t been able to work as a Registered nurse, or anything in 12 years. The amount of things I lost and now struggle with, $, fear and self esteem have affected everything in my life. My condition is called CRPS. It’s considered one of the very worst, the pain is beyond horrible. I still take physical therapy and on narcotics, I lost so much that defined me. I can’t always get myself to a place where I can concentrate enough to relax due to such intense pain. However, most times I’m now able to and it helps. I’m in a work rehab now and even though scary, I’ll be going back to some kind of part time work. I didn’t say maybe. I know Glen gave me this courage. I know he’s helped. One of the highest things on my want list is to meet Glen in person. Laws of Attraction. Please share this with Glen! He’s improved my life so much. I’m beginning to cry. PLEASE SHARE WITH GLEN. GIVE HIM A HUG!
I like the calming effect that it had on me. I will continue to practice the breathing techniques, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed.
When I started this I was scared but now I really do feel extremely calm and relaxed. The tension has left my body I feel ready for today and my future job and all I will experience.
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