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Overcome Anxiety

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Glenn Harrold
This hypnotherapy session has been designed to help you overcome anxiety and feel much more calm and in control of your stress levels. The recording has a very warm feel to it and will guide you into a deeply relaxed and safe space. From this inner place, you will be guided to release the causes of your anxiety in a safe way.
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Overcome Anxiety
I listened to it almost every night for about a month. After a few triggering events I found myself practicing the tools from this practice. It has been extremely helpful for my day to day life.
Releasing Anxiety
This morning I have a dentist appointment which always gives me anxiety. I thought I would try this hypnotherapy session to see if it would help. Glenn has you visualize a situation that gives you anxiety . I immediately thought of being at the dentist which I could feel my anxiety levels rising. Then he has you press your forefinger and thumb together while breathing which immediately I could feel my anxiety going away. I will use this technique today along with trying to focus on my breathing while getting my teeth cleaned.
I find the longer meditations so helpful in pausing the cycles of thought.
I have listened to this for about a week and am really noticing a difference. I am able to handle stress & anxiety better. I am starting to fall asleep a little to early though and am wondering if that’s a problem since I’m not consciously hearing the entire meditation before sleep.
Over Coming Anxiety
The very best of Glen Harrells I have ever experienced. On Aura Glen is the only hypnotist I listen to currently. Glen Harrell has been the only hypnotist with the exception of a portion of 3 others. Jimmy