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Overcome Addictions Hypnosis

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Glenn Harrold
This hypnosis session will help you to release any addictive pattern of behaviour. It will help with all types of addiction including: food, alcohol, gambling, drugs, TV, Internet, computers, shopping, nicotine, caffeine, dieting, chocolate, nail biting, work.
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I learned that i can place my focus onto better things for my mind and body.
Juliana Oppenheimer
I want to make a change
I was just going to write ‘need to’ and corrected myself. I thought no swap that out for ‘want to’. I have learned this on AURA and have been trying to implement it. I realize that just as this self talk is important for growth so is really facing my addictive behavior. I know and even share with others that my addictive behavior lights up the same brain centers as using cocaine. Feeling some how that’s doing something. I have been wanting to write comments and have not because I don’t want to see my words in front of me and thus make this all real. I have been wanting to explore hypnosis since I started months ago. I decided to let myself fall into a deep sleep off of this hypnosis even though I needed to be awake. Admitting to myself I having really been sleeping. I have been in bed “sleeping” but, not because I am absorbing myself in my addictive behavior until rolling into bed. I make myself do a meditation before bed as if I will benefit from that some how which of course I don’t.
Juliana Oppenheimer
Thanks so much I have truly been getting a lot out of your tracks. Your delivery, voice, and creations I find very fulfilling. I am listening to you regularly now. Thanks for all you do!
Juliana Oppenheimer
I am so happy to have found you on AURA. I listen to you regularly now. Your voice and your creations allow me to relax and let go completely! Thanks for all you do!