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Overcome Addictions Hypnosis

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Glenn Harrold
This hypnosis session will help you to release any addictive pattern of behaviour. It will help with all types of addiction including: food, alcohol, gambling, drugs, TV, Internet, computers, shopping, nicotine, caffeine, dieting, chocolate, nail biting, work.
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Plz see 3 suggestions below:
If only there was a sleep ending to every meditation. I like to listen to this before bed at night. I suggest an option on Aura that plays your entire playlist(s) all the way through without stopping after each meditation. Also, an option to loop a meditation if you want to train your subconscious mind as you sleep. I hope the right person reads this cause I‚Äôd use the app a lot more if it had those options. Thank you ūüėä
I learned that i can place my focus onto better things for my mind and body.