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Opening Chant - Ashtanga Yoga (8 Limbs)

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This chant acknowledges and expresses gratitude to all the people who have passed yoga on for thousands of years so we can practice today and feel the benefits in the body, heart & mind. This chant is about letting go of attachments so we can navigate life with more balance even when it is unpleasant or difficult. I am very grateful for all of the wonderful teachers who have inspired me to share this ancient yogic tradition. I feel deeply supported by yoga and I hope you too can be nourished by this ancient tradition. I hope you might be inspired to learn this chant and surrender deeply into your ongoing practice. Best wishes Lisa Pollard Lisa Pollard Yoga - Free App
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Lisa Pollard
Gratitude for this 5000 year old ancient tradition
I am deeply grateful for all of the teachers who have shared this ancient yogic tradition with me for the last 28 years. I learn more each day and I am deeply aware of how this tradition continues to flourish today. We are all benefiting from the teachers before us who pass this wisdom on to support us into wellness and balance. I hope you enjoy this opening chant which thanks the many teachers who have shared this wonderful practice. I hope you enjoy this opening chant and may be inspired to learn it one day. Best wishes Lisa
Walter J
1st Chant
This was a bit different for me. I am planning to start adding yoga to my daily routine in April so this may be more helpful then!
Thanking the Rishi’s
I am grateful for the knowledge and traditions of yoga that the yogis have created and maintained for our benefit. This chant is a way of showing my appreciation.
Opening chant
It is always a good practice, to be thankful for our teachers/ancestors that have come before us and shared their wisdom with us. I feel gratitude and thankfulness for my teachers and ancestors. For they have all helped shape me into who I am today.
Verbal traditions outlast written ones.
I learned that verbal tradition is ancient and it makes sense to honor it.
Ashtanga Chant
I like this but I would’ve liked it a lot more if they taught you the opening chance instead of just saying it I may try to go back to it and where in the chat because I would like to do it.
Voices raised
I can’t remember and repeat more than a few words at a time. Experiencing the chant was nice and chanting has good benefits, but I prefer to participate, either in a shorter chant or a short chorus that I could join in on. An easy one I used to extend my session today: O[hmm], Harri O[hmm] Namaste.
Opening chant
This is such a soothing way to begin my day and my meditations. After listening to the chant I feel more Centered and calm.
Life as yoga
Mindfulness practice has helped me to re-dedicate myself to yoga. Hatha or physical yoga is only a tiny part of yoga. So I use this opening chant to begin my day and my practice. 🙏
Soothing chants
In the morning after a cup of good strong coffee my mind is often racing. This surge of energy from the coffee spurs it on and it jumps from topic to topic. But I find if I lay back, focus on my breathing and allow myself to listen to the chant it will calm and soothe me. I try to begin my day with these chants but creating that discipline is a daily challenge.
I have been having a lot of anxiety recently. It becomes difficult to settle down and meditate when I am agitated, but these three little chants always calm me. The opening chant, the healing chant and the chant to the sun. 🌞