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Open Twist to Support Internal Organs

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This guided yoga practice supports the body to gently twist and open whilst being supported on the floor with props. These slow movements can support digestion, release tension and open the chest & heart area where contraction can be felt from stress, sitting & overthinking. I encourage you to work intimately with the body each day, only doing what feels comfortable within your range of movement. Enjoy your practice and I hope it invites ease today. Best wishes Lisa
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Lisa Pollard
Supporting my Internal Organs
I really enjoy letting go of thinking and dropping into sensing. This gentle 7 minute guided yoga sequence focusses on twisting into the upper back and squeezing the internal organs supporting digestion and releasing tension. I hope you can try this practice day. Best wishes Lisa
Open twist
Great morning meditation to get the internal organs massaged and ready to go. Felt good since I have had a stomach ache after eating out yesterday. Assisting my body in purging whatever was the culprit.
Wasn't prepared for yoga
Finally getting around to my morning Aura session at 4:25 in the afternoon/evening! Was not prepared to do yoga though. I've not been practicing yoga since my stroke, and was not in the correct place to do this now. So I modified the instructions to fit my space at the moment. Whaddaya gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Feel a tad more lose now. I think I can face an evening out Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews now!
Open twist
Nice gentle and relaxing yoga sequence to calm the mind and body. Twisting helps our body with digestion.