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Moving with the Breath-Release Agitation

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Moving with the breath is an invitation to notice the touch of the hands as you breathe in and out. This short practice can create a space for your attention to rest with the breath and the movement of the arms and hands to invite calm and steadiness when agitation is present in the body, heart, or mind. I encourage you to experience some ease and a sense of being grounded as you learn to move gently with your breathing. Enjoy your practice and I hope it can support you into wellness and balance.
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7 reflections
Movement and Breath: A Seamless Flow
In this meditation, I learned a breath work technique that allows me to still my mind when agitated, frustrated, stressed, or restless. The sense of touch used when placing the hands together allows me to find calm. The motions used easily stimulate the breath. I appreciate how this also provides my shoulders and shoulder blades with a stretch. This meditation is a great mini break that gives me so much relief from my emotions.
It did help get me back in focus. A nice start for a new day.
Arm movement
I can also engage my arms as help to relax as I breathe. This allows me some control over my breathe. The source of calmness.
It’s good to learn a new technique to help in meditation. Never done this before but to move the arms in sync with the breathe is something new to me
Releasing Agitation
Excellent short very effective practice to refocus your attention on your breath while moving your arms and hands to create a balanced feeling of calm as well as a sense of feeling grounded. This was a wonderful session to reconnect with myself. It is one I will definitely be revisiting.
Moving With The Breath
Sometimes my mind is so full and busy that I cannot focus on the breath. This meditation added movement of the arms along with the breath. It really helped me be present
Hand in Hand
I learned that I truly do not know how to breathe properly. It seems “hard” trying to breathe at times. Using my hands helped me realize the rhythm of my body when it comes to breathing. I plan to now add this method to my meditation.