Infinite Possibilities
As I sat with my breath, my body became still and relaxed. With my eyes closed, I visualized a field up ahead filled with different tones of green. Walking barefoot towards this beautiful field, I felt the power of the earth below my feet as I watched the tall grass dancing to the beat of the wind. While at the field, I spotted a white horse galloping towards me. Stopping right in front of me, I stared into his big brown eyes. Feeling trust grow between us, his head gently dropped, as if to suggest I place my hand on his forehead. Feeling his hair on my fingertips, I sensed his magnificent energy transfer to my body. Filled with strength and peace, I hopped on the back of him. As we galloped through the field, my hair flowing in the wind, I felt so incredibly free. Becoming lighter and lighter the faster we went, we approached and went through this opening filled with a brilliant golden light. Covered and filled with this golden light, I found us in a different dimension all of the sudden. Darkness all around us, we were flying among the many stars in the universe. Seeing into infinity, my whole being expanded. Filled with freedom, we went back through this golden portal and I found us back in this beautiful field of green galloping once again. Halting to a stop, the horse knelt down to let me off. Feeling my feet firmly on the earth, I looked into the horse’s eyes and thanked him for such an incredible journey. His eyes blinked, as if to say, my pleasure and with that, he ran off into the distance. Then it hit me. I am in the field of infinite possibilities and this is where I’ll remain. Namaste ❤️🐎☮️