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Morning Meditation Hypnosis

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Glenn Harrold
Diviniti Meditation & Hypnotherapy
This meditation will also help you to cultivate a feeling of gratitude for the day ahead, and mindfully set your intention to live this day to the full.
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6 reflections
Releasing Stress
The imagination of the white light helped me to imagine it being blown away.
New Day
Excellent session to begin the day with a fresh start, filled with gratitude for this new day, and to set the intention to live this day to the full. Taking in a few deep breaths, I visualize a feather. Starting at the top of my head, I wave the feather throughout my whole body getting rid of any leftover negative energy that is in my aura field. After clearing out any negativity, I am feeling lighter. A white protective light appears surrounding my entire body. I feel I am in a protective bubble. This bubble will keep me safe and grounded from any negativity that will come my way today. As I recite a few affirmations to begin this new day, I feel peaceful and grateful.I will move through this new day with ease, compassion, and an appreciation for each moment of today. Wishing all of you a wonderful day filled with many moments of gratitude!🙏❤️🍀
Good morning
Wonderful way to start the day. Feeling energized, positive, and grateful
I fe
I felt at peace, grounded, ready for the day. I was in tune with my breathing and felt calm.
I felt peaceful, safe, secure, positive, motivated, grateful loved.
1st experience
I have been very happy with my experience and I will definitely come back again soon. Thank you.
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