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Morning Meditation Hypnosis

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Glenn Harrold
This meditation will also help you to cultivate a feeling of gratitude for the day ahead, and mindfully set your intention to live this day to the full.
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Releasing Stress
The imagination of the white light helped me to imagine it being blown away.
New Day
Excellent session to begin the day with a fresh start, filled with gratitude for this new day, and to set the intention to live this day to the full. Taking in a few deep breaths, I visualize a feather. Starting at the top of my head, I wave the feather throughout my whole body getting rid of any leftover negative energy that is in my aura field. After clearing out any negativity, I am feeling lighter. A white protective light appears surrounding my entire body. I feel I am in a protective bubble. This bubble will keep me safe and grounded from any negativity that will come my way today. As I recite a few affirmations to begin this new day, I feel peaceful and grateful.I will move through this new day with ease, compassion, and an appreciation for each moment of today. Wishing all of you a wonderful day filled with many moments of gratitude!🙏❤️🍀
Good morning
Wonderful way to start the day. Feeling energized, positive, and grateful
I fe
I felt at peace, grounded, ready for the day. I was in tune with my breathing and felt calm.
I felt peaceful, safe, secure, positive, motivated, grateful loved.
1st experience
I have been very happy with my experience and I will definitely come back again soon. Thank you.
Epic Day
Sitting in an upright position, I brought awareness to my breath. While breathing in new air through my nostrils and exiting stale air out of my mouth, my body and mind relaxed. I imagined a white feather gently swaying and clearing any negative energy around my body. Sensing my aura clear and free, a beautiful purifying white light began to engulf my body. Sitting inside this bubble, I began to feel the vibrations of this light penetrate my being with energy. Feeling much more energized, yet so calm and peaceful, Glenn dropped seeds of affirmations into my subconscious mind. I sensed my overall well-being soaring listening to and reciting these beautiful seeds. Sensing my heart open, ready to give and receive love, my mind clear, ready to focus and my body energized, today is going to be an epic day! Thank you, Glenn! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Morning Meditation-just what I needed this morning!!!
A daily “Centering” is necessary! I find this exercise very useful!
That was an amazing, positive and uplifting experience! I could use more of this daily!
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