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Morning Meditation for a Productive Day Hypnosis

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Glenn Harrold
This morning meditation focuses on setting intentions to have a very positive and productive day. So if you are struggling in any way, or lacking creativity, or procrastinating this is the perfect meditation for you. Listen every morning, ideally soon after you awaken.
From the community
8 reflections
I feel more productive now and Goad has blessed me with another day so I can bless someone else I will be grateful today! I feel more productive God has blessed me with another day to go andam m
I do feel productive and motivated. God has blessed me with another day to be a blessing to someone else. I will accomplish my tasks that I need to and be happy!
A great meditation that made me realize that I’m not as kind with myself as I should be
I learn that in order to be more happy I have to be willing to treat myself with the same love and support that I give to others
Safe & Seccure
Suffering with many PTSD moments currently (triggers, on triggers, on triggers) leaving me feeling very vulnerable and struggling to “start” the moment I heard you are safe and secure in this hypnosis session my brain switched to be more open and I felt somewhat at peace for a few moments and the session really helped so much. I was also feeling exhausted before it started quite convinced I would fall asleep but actually found myself relaxed but present Hope to find more longer session that focus on making you feel safe and secure in your environment
I’m so tense and I have to teach my body to relax accept peacefulness
This was fantastic! & just like that, it's done. Will you try this too? Have a Groovy day! ☕️🐝☕️
Great morning wake… however
Great pacing and I loved the different sections. However the slight break in music between the sections it broke the hypnosis/meditation that I had to keep reworking back into the practice leaving this less powerful than it could be…
Volume issue
I really enjoyed the suggestions and found inspiration from them 🙏🏻💕but it was very hard to hear even at full volume.
Davida Chamberlin-Elliott
I really heard a wonderful message. At this time I am not dealing with something to make me down as my life seems very steady and positive. But i do have worries about my husband’s health. This really helped me to look at this s day as a blessing and adventure. I don’t need excitement to make my day feel happy, healthy, and productive