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Morning Jump Start

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Cory Cochiolo
Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Start your morning off on the right foot and enjoy the rest of your day!
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11 reflections
Starting the day
Meditation is a great way to start your morning; it helps keep you calm ahead of a busy day or a stressful or long day at work
One thing to do for myself
Thinking of one simple thing I can do for myself. Something I don’t think of often in the morning. Thank you.
I never really noticed before how important it is to visualize your day. It made the tasks feel more tangible and doable. I liked how at the end it asked what am I also going to do for myself? We should plan stuff like that into our day just as much as our responsibilities
Gave me a much better perspective on my day ahead. It was short and sweet and now I’m more motivated!
Morning sunshine
Beautiful way to start the date relaxing your mind and body feeling happy and blessed for the new day . Relaxing your body and looking Forward to do everything on your day , felling joy and happy 😊
Quiet the mind and focus, visualization is key- see the things you have to do going smoothly-run through the things in your mind
... the things you need to do today going smoothly and approach them as if they already are. That was lovely!
Learning to make time for yourself
I learned that I should pick one or two things to accomplish just fir me today. Not for work or for my child or spouse, but to put me first once in a while. We too should feel special and cared for.
Siu Yen
Starting the day
A good way to start my day on visualising how I’d like my day to go and making some time for myself to do something enjoyable.
Finding Balance
Sitting in an upright position, I found my breath. Following the natural rhythm of it, I stretched my arms up toward the ceiling. Afterwards, I took in a deeper breath and let out an audible sigh. Jump starting my body, I was ready to move on to jump start my mind for the day. In jump starting my mind, Cory had me visualize my upcoming day. I thought of everything I had to get done today flowing seamlessly. I saw myself happy while doing my tasks. Then I thought of a few things I want to do which will fill my soul of goodness. I saw myself barefoot on the grass doing qigong exercises. I saw myself sitting quietly while meditating. I really enjoyed visualizing my day in this way because it reminded me to always make time for something that will fill my soul. Something I can look forward to. Something I can truly treasure. Finding balance between having to and wanting to, today is going to be great! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Not for me
I learned that not every guide I listen to I like. This is the first one I didn’t like. On to to the next one because I need the start of my day to go great.
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