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Morning Gratitude Practice

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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ & Health Coach
Through this simple guided practice, I help you create a foundation for the rest of your day based on Gratitude and appreciation. Use it several times per week for best results until it is part of your daily habits.
From the community
10 reflections
I get to create my own reality whether it is in my imagination or in the physical world. Creating in my imagination is really the same thing as creating in the physical world. It just needs to b to be
Whatever I create is real. And if it’s not yet present in the physical world, I can manifest it.
After closing my eyes and taking 10 conscious breaths into my belly, I found myself sitting next to a pool of crystal clear water in the middle of a tropical forest. Looking around this magical place, in awe of its spectacular beauty, a smile of gratitude quickly formed on my lips. Down from the heavens above came a white cleansing light to the crown of my head and began purifying my mind. Clearheaded, this cleansing light traveled through the rest of my body, rejuvenating and purifying every organ and cell. Placing my hand over my heart, I thanked it for staying with me through thick and thin, for working tirelessly to keep me alive. Given moments of silence, I closed my eyes and thought of things I am grateful for. Immediately, my breath, my friends and family and this new day came to mind. Smiling for having this abundance in my life, I thought of things I was excited about. Immediately, opportunities for growth and learning came to mind. Filled with inspiration and gratitude, the white light that had rejuvenated my body reappeared in the form of a shining diamond right in front of me, forming a glittering shield around me. As a gesture of love, I thought of a few people who, for some reason or another, need a boost of this purifying energy and brought them into this circle of light. Seeing their eyes light up, my heart warmed. Filled with metta, gratitude and strength, I am ready to take on my day. Thank you for this beautiful meditation, Tudor! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Marques Pizarro
I forgot how much my heart works for me. How it keeps my body functioning, how it keeps my mind at ease, and how it nurtured my soul when feeling down. I took it for granted. I am blessed to have a healthy, vibrant heart that give love. Thank you, Heart.
As I am sitting in a field of wildflowers with my heart open and shining; I am thankful for Lita and all the love and joy she brings me by being her caretaker. She was meant for me. I am excited for Andy to return and to be able to share my love and light with him. I look forward to speaking openly with him and share my forgiveness for our past. I want him to know that my love will always be with him. And I am thankful for my home, that keeps me safe, sane, and allows for all my whims. It’s beautiful and a reflection of me. It’s a lovely place to open my heart, expand my mind, and recover from the world. Thank you
My space
I’m sitting on a rock on the shoreline of a stream in a quiet forest. There’s water the pools into a small calm pond that I dip my feet in. It’s early summer with a slight warm breeze. The trees smell fresh and everything is green…
Marie Ree
Horrible experience today
This meditation was horrible for me today. I couldn’t visualize a light I couldn’t visualize anything positive when I was trying to visualize light pouring from my heart- instead black tar poured out from my heart and then the people who I most want to send love and light to I didn’t even want to think of their names because I didn’t want to send black tar to them and then when I tried to visualize what I was excited about and what I was grateful for I could visualize who I was grateful for, but all I feel is depression. Saw dark horrible images in the imagery of a safe place. I couldn’t find a safe place and found no relief in this meditation. It was a dark and depressing meditation
Meditation in the morning that not only starts your day but makes your whole day better.
Dr Louise
Morning Meditation
I love the deep breathing exercises to create fresh feelings and a clear mind to start the day.
I am saddened that I can’t be more close with the one person I am drawn to the most. I will continue to reduce my needs for this person
Ray of light!
I am the sunshine and I always connected with it’s Ray of lights that the sun spreads out. Today I am this Ray of light that shines and light up with positive energy every person I interact with, my family being the first to be touched by it. Love you my Jasinski’s 💗☀️