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Monday Morning Guided Meditation

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Brandon Epstein
Mental Fitness Trainer
This is the perfect meditation to start your day and week to! It's designed to get you feeling grateful, peaceful and clear on how you want to take on the week. Ultimately, this guided meditation brings you into the present moment where you can feel and be your best. All rights reserved by The BE Mindset LLC.
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Embrace the Moment
Monday, the beginning of a new week! Some of us cringe reading those words. We are all busy future tracking our lives, trying to achieve more, become more, get more. Over time, this stress leads us to burnout. News flash: we Are already enough just the way we are! Read that again. In fact, we are right where we need to be! Therefore, there is no other place to be, no other place to go. Some may ask, well...what am I supposed to do? Brandon’s answer to that is simple. We surrender and embrace the moment. Present for every moment, we see our life unfold. Our perspectives begin to change. Instead of seeing everything we don’t have, a scarcity mindset, we begin to see and appreciate what we already have, an abundant mindset. Having this abundant mindset, we naturally become more happy. Happy, we naturally become more at peace. At peace, we naturally surrender our need to control everything. After all, all things come together for our good. Embrace the moment. Focused and aligned with our higher self, we will accomplish our tasks in a much more effective way and the bonus is that we won’t miss out on our lives in the process. Set an intention and make it happen! Wishing everyone a blessed day and an amazing week ahead! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Perfect to start the day
Feeling gratitude for what you do have introduces you in a calm mood to face the day and whatever it may come.
My daily meditation
It’s the perfect meditation for me to start the day. Each day I’m in a different mood, and I always find, throughout this meditation , the exact phrase that I need to heal my spirit. I end up conforted and ready to face the day.
Sitting in an upright position, I put on some headphones and took in a few deep breaths. As my body and mind began to slow down, I began to visualize all the abundance I do have in my life. I couldn’t help but smile. Because I have use of my five senses, I get to experience life fully. Because I have use of my arms, legs, hands and feet, I get to move freely through life. Because I have a voice, I get to express myself. Filled with appreciation, my heart expanded. With warmth spreading throughout my body, I was reminded of the choices I have, such as what I choose to focus on and how I want my state of being to feel in each moment. Knowing this, I set my intention for this beautiful new day. I choose to keep my composure regardless of what is going on around me. As I remember my intention, joy, presence, grace and ease will surround me and dwell inside of me today. As I looked toward what this week has to offer me, I am excited for the opportunities that I will have to show up with a sense of grace, ease and presence. Today is just the beginning of a beautiful week ahead! Thank you, Brandon! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️