I thought this invitation was peaceful. I was a little worried about some very frivolous things call me before beginning this practice. This meditation took my mind away from these worries. Along with this call me there were three other aspects of this experience I found to be extremely pleasant. I will discuss these below. It was very nice to imagine myself on a a vacation. This is particularly true in the Covid era call me when travel is difficult. I also enjoyed picturing myself being able to fly. I have a physical disability, and movement is difficult. Therefore, envisioning myself with supernatural mobility’ for a while what is the pleasure. I wonder if I may be able to use this flooring in the tree to relax my mind and increase my confidence while trying to move on land. Lastly, I have lost some very important people in my life. Even though the meditation didn’t specify, It helped me a lot in terms of alleviating my grief do you think of my loved ones there with me. Thank you to those who work for this app for track together, and for helping me to find this peaceful place. I am also grateful for the community I miss the app for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK, happy, and well. May you all find peace