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Mindfulness for Self-Healing

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Glenn Harrold
Whilst the physical sensations of pain and discomfort are often unpleasant, it is the constant struggle in the mind that can magnify health issues. This recording will help you to gently explore the sensations in our body with a mindful curiosity and in turn help you to reduce or even remove any discomfort.
From the community
4 reflections
Vernice Roberts
Right on time
I really needed this today, I started an anxiety medication and it seems my anxiety hit me today with full force, and this meditation help a lot.
Moved me to tears
Being new to meditation, I’m not sure what a common reaction is but I felt this all over. I felt my body calm and tears rolled down my face. It seemed exactly what I needed.
Can still find extended peace
Even after all this time away from meditation, I can still find Beginners mind/Don’t Know mind if not too much going on.
Great healing meditation
I learned that I can alleviate physical pain with this meditation. Though I am doing PT, I believe this meditation has had the most affect on my healing process. The mind is a powerful thing!