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Mindfulness for Releasing Anxiety (Short Version)

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Glenn Harrold
This meditation will help you release anxiety and worry. People who practice mindfulness are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past. Being mindful makes it easier to notice and enjoy the pleasures in life as they unfold.
From the community
11 reflections
I love this meditation because when I listen to it I am reminded that my thoughts are transitory and I need not allow them the power to dwell within and influence me. By putting each thought on a single leaf and watching it gently flow downstream and out of sight, I become freer and calmer. It is a grand way to deal with thoughts that can cause unneeded stress or anxiety.
This meditation ends with suggestions of hope. Suggestions that things are going to be good, that I/we will be able to tap into universal aabundance and live life with ease. Those words are very reaffirming and soothing. This has helped me a lot.
This meditation becoming my routine
Since i know this channel i never try another channel anymore. It works so effective to me. I do this meditation once or twoce a day! Amazing!
Cats won this round of mindfulness
I’ll try again later when the kitten does need my full undivided attention
I haven’t been alone in a beautiful place in a long time. I need that.
Quite powerful
I really enjoyed this meditation. I felt very relaxed and loved the visual of sitting by a stream and letting go of my thoughts by placing them on leaves and letting them go down the stream. I will have to try this one again as I was interrupted by a phone call and lost my train of thought. This is definitely a technique I will use next time I’m caught up in my thoughts. Yesterday, I had a powerful moment of finding my heart racing and breathing becoming shallow as I approached a police breath test. For those following, you know I don’t drink but this encounter causes me great anxiety. As I waited in the line of cars I took control back over my breath and was able to bring myself back to the present moment. I was waved through so once again feel like I cheated the moment but I now know I’m better able to control my anxiety in this or any situation.
Take 2
I love all of Glenn’s mediations and hypnotherapy sessions as I find them so powerful. After being interrupted during this meditation a few days ago, I wanted to give it another go and I am so glad I did. I will definitely be revisiting this meditation regularly as the visualization and the reminder of just letting thoughts come and go is definitely assisting me on a daily basis. Even though I was interrupted last time I still put into practice the idea of letting my thoughts go along the leaves of the stream and it truly helped me when I was feeling anxious.
Walter J
This relaxed me so well... I awoke to find it over. I was enjoying it thoroughly, so I will have to try it again since I was pretty anxious when I started. ❤️😴🍀
Day 1
I am doing Glenn's hypnotherapy for 21 days, this was my first step. It helped alot with my current anxious state, though I still feel a little tension. I am positive that as I continue my practice on this channel I will see some amazing results
This is one of my favourite meditations, so relaxing, so calming and positive. Will try some of his others now, thank you.
Letting Go!
Letting go of stress and anxiety is possible, specially listening this mediation! Imagining a scared stream to ease the mind and body is a great way to relax!