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Mindfulness for Relaxation

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Glenn Harrold
This 10-minute meditation has been designed to help you relax and create inner peace. Glenn will encourage you to stay with his voice as he guides you into a deeply relaxed state. You will be asked to focus your attention on each area of your body, noticing any feelings or sensations as they come into being.
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11 reflections
Really short!
That ten minutes or so went by so fast! I want to repeat this tonight and see if I can go deeper.
Brevity Works!
This is Glenn’s short 10 minute version. I believe this may well be only the first or second time I have listened to a short version of his meditations. I always listen to the longest ones, as he can take me very deep in those. I only had a few minutes tonight so I opted for this short one. I loved it❤️. This man is s genius at hypnotic meditations and inductions. His voice is perfect, as is his timing and modulation. I became extremely relaxed in that brief span of time. I would now suggest his short meditations for one with but a few moments of free time. It was wonderfully relaxing and stress reducing.
Walter J
I feel calm and centered after doing Glenn’s 10 minute session. The time really swept by quickly and I do feel more positive & energetic about my day ahead! Relaxed & Ready for a great day! Hope everyone has a magnificent Friday!! ❤️🙏🍀
Before listening to this I was feeling a little a little anxious. Now I am feeling relaxed and centered.
Reset and practice
A quick reset that you can make any time of the day. A meditation that helps you be aware of your surroundings and your feelings, I see it as the one to start practicing your self awareness.
Walter J
I feel both Relaxed & rejuvenated after doing Glenn’s 10 version. I could feel my inner energy ‘pushing’ its way thru my body to help me relax. Kind of reminded me of air being blown into a long balloon, pushing its way in to fill up the balloon. Once I was filled with relaxation, I could feel the energy field around me buzzing in a good way like a full body hug! I felt safe & secure, relaxed & rejuvenated. Very good feeling to start a Monday morning with! Thanks Glenn & Company! ❤️🎈🍀
Mini Massage
Glenn’s soothing voice guides you to focus on your breathing. Feeling the sensations of the rise and fall of your chest. Then you begin to focus on each part of the body releasing any tension which feels like a mini massage. The tension from the day I was feeling earlier has melted into the couch. I woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed at the same time. I highly recommend if you have time to listen to the full version(30-40 minutes) take that time for yourself. It is heavenly.
Totally Relaxed
Glenn’s voice guided me to total relaxation. I felt refreshed and looking forward to the day ahead - whatever it brings!
Letting go
That I need to stay focused and strong through this difficult time I am going through.
Glenn’s voice helped me to totally relax. After having a lousy night sleep, this meditation allowed me to take a long, restful nap.
I need to chill or at least try to during these exasperating times
Day 1
I’m not able to focus very well on my breathe it going to take practice