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Mindfulness for Higher Consciousness

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Glenn Harrold
This recording will help you to learn the empowering skill of anchoring yourself in the present moment. You will also be guided through a beautiful visualisation by a starlit beach and be taken on a journey to help you expand your consciousness.
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2 reflections
Higher Consciousness
Laying down on a bed while feeling the parts of my body that made contact with the bed, I found my body and mind relaxing. Bringing my breath into my awareness, I felt my chest and belly rising and falling. Finding myself in the here and now, a blue healing light covered my entire body, clearing any negative blocks I may have been carrying. Breathing in peace and breathing out love through my heart chakra, I entered into a higher consciousness. In this higher consciousness, I am able to see everything with so much more clarity. There really is no separation. The universe is in me and I am in the universe. I am one with all there is. Connected to Source, my heart fills with gratitude, as I know I am never alone. In this higher consciousness, I know myself as more than what my mind leads me to believe. In this higher consciousness, I can bend reality. In this higher consciousness, I stop any physiological time. In this higher consciousness, I am Love. I am Peace. I am Light. Thank you, Glenn! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Oranges and purples
Felt on different plain. No stars, only the colors. Felt light, lifted. Noticed coming out of meditation first finger and thumb if left hand connected. Message was love, felt hugging JT