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Mindfulness for Gratitude (Long Version)

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Glenn Harrold
This 37-minute mindfulness meditation has been designed to help you develop a positive mind-set and a love of life. This meditation features a beautiful meadow visualisation, which aims to help you feel more centred and in the present moment as you connect with nature.
From the community
7 reflections
Healing for me
I liked the music and sound of Glenn’s voice. The affirmation reciting is a very helpful technique. I have been down almost 4 weeks with a broken arm and may need surgery. This 32 minutes was very beneficial. I do have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. Thank you
Healing for sure
I look at the world with a new pair of eyes and gratitude. I now understand truly what it really means to connect with something. Someone. Nourishing the child inside of me to understand that it’s okay to let go and start a new, every single day. And sometimes we need to tinker a few things with absolutely zero judgement and all understanding. Thankyou !:) LOVE these.
So soothing
This is very pleasant and soothing. I am completely relaxed and at ease now.🌷
Connecting With Gratitude
Wednesday morning I went for hike along a trail I have visited many times before. That day it felt like I was seeing everything for the first time with new eyes. There was so much beauty around me that filled my heart with joy. I had such a strong feeling of gratitude for being able to experience that moment. To be able to do something that nourishes my well being. When our mind and heart are focused on the abundance of what we have in our life, we send that positive energy out into the universe. And, in return the universe continues to send more positivity our way. Thank you Glenn for another amazing session! I am looking forward to seeing what this new day has in store for me.
I am grieving the loss of my child
I am grateful for the gift she was in my life and I miss her so much. I cried the hole session, maybe this is healing. Still, I long for her everyday
Siu Yen
Positive mindset for gratitude
This a wonderful mediation session to help you get into a positive mindset and feeling of gratitude. I found the affirmation recitals very powerful and will listen to this track regularly before going to bed.
I learned that I am really healing, I’m starting to feel the joy again. I am healing from my trauma I feel that for the first time♥️Thank You