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Mindfulness for Deep Sleep (Short Ver)

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Glenn Harrold
This short 10 minute mindfulness meditation has been designed to help you sleep deeply and connect with a feeling of presence and peace. Mindfulness techniques can help you to still your mind and clear away any worries or anxieties, allowing you to switch off and fall into a deep peaceful sleep every night.
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Every time I listen to this man I hear, feel, and sense, such deep and gentle wisdom. His voice, as a hypnotherapist, is very relaxing to listen to and his visualizations work effortlessly for me. The relaxation and benefits I receive from his meditations have, thus far, been immeasurable. My hope is that everyone who tries his meditations reaps a benefit.
Visualization of a Windmill
Imagine a windmill in a lush green field with the wind gently blowing. As you try to relax, put any thoughts on one of the windmills sails and watch it drift away into the sky. The more you listen to this meditation, the more relaxed you become and you feel as you can drift off into a deep sleep.
Between the imagery and his voice, I just melt into total relaxation. Love this meditation. The thought of lying down in this lush setting watching the sunset as a windmill releases all my worries and cares is simply blissful.
Very relaxing!
This one always helps me to sleep. especially when I’ve had a stressful day, I enjoy this one so much. Thank you!
Love this one!
This is one of my Go tos! Love how relaxing this one is, and I even imagine the windmill when I’m stressing over things that I need to release. :)
Long version?
I’d love to hear the longer version of this? Is it in the Aura app as well? If so, where do I go to find it? Thanks!
I learned how to let go of the day and be at peace with myself
My new favorite meditation
It really helped me let go of my day and relax. Plus the scene he tells you to imagine reminds me of my hometown, which I’m currently living 2400 miles away from.
Felt that I was hypnotized lol
It’s easy to fall asleep with his meditations his voice is so calming and I especially like the soft repeating, really puts me to sleep!!!
I suffer from PMDD and I’m in the phase when my brain won’t shut off, goes off on tangents, over thinks things and is irrational, erratic and causes anxieties. So sleeping is difficult and I had hoped this would help, but I struggled to follow the visualisations and my windmill ended up spinning out of control. I’d like to try this again when I’m in my “regular” phase, not my hormental phase and see how I get on. But for the moment, this wasn’t for me.
I'm sleepy 😴
Your voice is so calming and it does feel like hypnosis. Let go. Deep sleep. I was able to visualize the windmill sails. On top of it all I can hear the cicadas outside my window. The sun is setting. Thank you! Sweet dreams to you. 😌