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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Allow the sound of the mindfulness bell to bring your attention gently back to the present moment and to be curious about what arises. You may be aware of sounds, breath & body, or the changing nature of thoughts & emotions. The practice is about being awake and noticing various aspects of this unfolding experience. I hope you enjoy listening to the sound of the bells as you wake up to each new fresh moment. Thank you for your ongoing practice and I hope it can support you to be present a little more each day.
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Finally some silence! :)
This is the first of 70+ meditations on this app where the teacher actually guides me into stillness and mindfulness, instead of talking for 3 minutes without any breaks. I'm thrilled! Thank you.
Love ❤️
Love, love, love meditations with tincture bells 🔔 Powerful 3 minutes giving you space to mindful. Thank you 😊
I like this meditation; it was so quiet. It's the first one I've listened to where I wasn't guided through the entire experience. I did find that I was anticipating the next sound which kind of distracted me. I'll listen again though and see if I can improve my focus.
Random thoughts
While I enjoyed the silence, the bells reminded of the "um" bell in a speech class. Instead of the bell being rung each time say umm, each time the bell ran I would notice I was in the middle of a thought. I learned how fast a thought can enter the mind between chimes. Interestingly, this meditation went by pretty fast. For sec, I thought I might have accidentally sped up the meditation.
Everytime the bell rung I felt it in my stomach but was thinking about the organization/business I'm working on bringing to life as well as the dream I had last night....
More, Please
My mind races through memories and emotions. I would absolutely love a seven minute (or longer!) version of this meditation. It is one of the few here on Aura that trusts the innate wisdom of the listener to guide herself through her own meditation.
The B stands for 🔔
There’s something wonderfully universal about Soundwaves. Whenever the I listen to the sound moving away from me, traveling through time and space, I’m wondering if it will ever be received. I follow the waves a while. Then I hear the next bell ring and I find my mind has drifted momentarily, so I bring it back in to focus and wait for the next wave to allow me to drift some more. It is truly magnificent.
I loved the mindfulness bells. But I had trouble hearing you introduce the meditation even with the volume on high.
Slightly disappointed
This is my first slightly negative experience using Aura..while the overall experience wasn’t too bad, I did find myself distracted and cringing every time the microphone would turn on and off when you spoke as well as the loudness of the Bell. I usually love bells in meditation, but I think in this instance the microphone was a bit too loud or something plus the stop and start of each time you would talk you could actually hear the on and off switch. I was finally able to adjust and get into the meditation but then it ended, which I’m just using the free version so I can’t do the extended one. Sorry for any criticism..
I so loved the quiet, the peace within, and the sound of the bell. It was interesting to learn where my mind was going and how quickly. I need to slow my mind and this practice is excellent for me for that purpose. Thank you.
Relaxing Body and Mind
I was very sleepy before I did this morning guided medication. Now that I did this, I feel more awake and more conscious of my surroundings. I recommend this medication to anyone who is still tired and sleepy right now. I would also recommend to do this during lunch to relieve your body and mind from school related things.
Wonderful Exercise
This meditation was a wonderful exercise in being mindful, honoring my thoughts, and refocusing them to where I would like them to be. I had never meditated with bells before this session. I would love to participate in more meditations like this.
Good to bring yourself back. I concentrated much harder on keeping a meditation. Normally I start thinking about other things.
In this interesting meditation, we are free to be in whichever posture we want and free to focus on whatever it is that we are focusing on. When the mindfulness bells ring, we are asked to be curious about what we had our attention on in that moment. Settling in my chair, I welcomed this moment of just being. Before long, my mind began thinking about my upcoming day until it was interrupted and brought back into the present moment by the chime of the mindfulness bells. Once the sound disappeared, I was free to allow my mind to wander once again. With my mind free to wander, thoughts about my upcoming day began to enter my day until they were once again, interrupted and brought back into the present moment by the chime of the mindfulness bells. Once the sound disappeared, I was free to allow my mind to wander again. This time though, thoughts about my upcoming day did not enter my mind. Rather, my thoughts disappeared and I just was in this moment of silence, breathing. When I heard the chime of the mindfulness bells, my mind wasn’t interrupted however, as I was already in the present moment. With the aid of the mindfulness bells, I had ‘trained’ my mind to be present in the Now. The use of mindfulness bells is a great way to challenge ourselves to become more present in our everyday lives. If we become more present in our everyday days, we can begin to live our lives, as it is only in the Now where we truly live our lives and where our future ultimately begins. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Mindfulness Bells
Be aware of your thoughts, because where your thoughts are is who you become. I need to remind myself that worry and stress is not what I want. I need to focus on the good.
Walter J
I was climbing a ladder and was at the top when the first bell rang. So I jumped onto the sound waves of the bell and rode them down to a pond where they became waves on the surface of the water so I continued to ride on them with mini water skis to the edge of the pond. The bell chimed again and I was now sitting & began turning into a quaint town square on a scooter like vehicle on a beautiful sunny day with lots or trees providing shade and then the final bell brought me to a hovering position where I just was ... patiently ready for anything. ☮️🛎🍀
Blank Canvas
This morning my mind had many thoughts running through it. As the 1st bell rung, I started to focus on my breath which within a few moments my mind was a blank black wavy canvas. This continued throughout this meditation. I would like to revisit this one on a different day to see if I have a different experience.
When the bell rang
I saw myself in a beautiful outside shower feeling the water running down my body
Heightened Awareness
With each ding, I am reminded of how much we rely on our senses to.. literally make sense of the world. To acknowledge what is around us. And how these observations make us feel. Each bell, allowing us to attune to what is holding our attention. Though, for not for too long to ruminate, as we have to move on.. and allow us to give space and recognition to other sensations and feelings equally. Letting them pass with each moment.
Lostly waiting for the bell...😊 but also vague images. Extremely relaxed by the last tone
I saw myself
In today’s lesson I saw myself surrounded by the sounds of waves crashing on a beach in Cuba and I’m laying and relaxing there too
Clea Chloe
I am peaceful and content in this moment. I am thankful for all that I have and look forward to all the wonderful possibilities of life. One day at a time I will enjoy the moment and cherish the time I have here.
I noticed that my mind wandered to the latest issues...once brought back I listened to my heartbeat...as it slowed with relaxation
Megele Davis
That crazy, my mind was every where then a bell brought to the body first Foot, Heart, stomach. Like all my chakras were connecting or something tingling.
I learned how relaxing the bells were to my body. It felt like a renewal healing me every time I heard the sound.
Mindfulness bells
Over the course of this medication, my goal was to focus on my breathing in the intervals between repetitions of the bell. However I found I was only able to do this once a river for five times the bell rang. Oh for the 45 times the bell rang over the floorfive times the bell rang on the first occasion I got distracted listening for the bell and then startled by how loud it was. The second time I heard the bell I would I got sidetracked by the urge to swallow as I was breathing. The third time I was finally able to focus on my back and my diaphragm is the air went in and out. This was interesting because I incorporated what I was learning in my Pilates lessons. The first time the bell rang my mind was wondering because I was actually focused on what I was going to put in this reflection I found using the bells to be an interesting way i’m tracking your attention. All in all we call me one out of three bales it’s not bad I would not have been able to focus on my breathing and relax like that for a whole minute when I bought this app two years ago so I consider that a victory in future I will use this meditation occasionally to track by ability to focus on my breathing, or at least I hope to do so I am grateful that are that aura have given me the opportunity to strengthen my ability to focus my attention more 
Mindfulness Bells
I liked the idea of this but the bells were too high pitched for me. I prefer a lower tone. This one was slightly jarring.
A great way to start the day
I love the bells, as I can easily do my breathing exercises to them. Would be great to do a series each day with different tones. A great way to start the day. Thank you!
It’s a great feeling to be aware, and a bell is more then just a bell it’s a connection.
Mindfulness Bells
My mind certainly can wander to the most unusual things. Thank you for this practice
Meghan Erielle
Meditation is
I have begun learning how to meditate and with me being ADHD it’s going to be a challenge for me. I’m so used to a chaotic life that it’s hard to learn meditation quickly but it’s one of my goals, to slow down and take a breath.
When noticing becomes judging
For the new year, I am working on judging less - negatively especially. This meditation helped me practice this as well as it reminded me of another meditation in which you were supposed to notice without judgement: As I noticed so many different things guided by this meditation, I noticed when I judged as well and how it impacted me. I noticed that my whole body and kind became moved to the negative judgement so strongly. But if I just notice, it doesn’t do anything to me
Thank you for the pause to be mindful. My mind tends to run every where. So to pause and notice was nice