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Mindfulness Bells - Extended Practice

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Extended version of mindfulness of bells, allowing attention to rest with the sound of the mindfulness bells. Cultivating your practice to introduce silent practice and coming back to where your attention is within the silent practice. Enjoy your practice and I hope it continues to grow each day.
From the community
11 reflections
Tuning In
Very grateful for this longer mindfulness bells meditation. I really appreciate how calming and accepting her voice is. I have always felt like the first few minutes (at least) of a meditation are for what I call “taking out the trash.” Just like in the physical realm, trash can also build up in our minds. For example, a thought about work that causes a feeling of anger or annoyance on top of a thought about something that was in the news which causes frustration. It truly takes time to filter through these “trash thoughts” until we can settle into the mind, back to a place of calm and center. The bells are an amazing tool to help us do that. I call it “taking out the trash” so we can get to the gem that lies beyond the daily build up and multitudes of stress.
The vibrations of the bells when they hit each other.
I learnt that you become the most aware of your breathing at the third ring of the bells. Not the first. Not the second. But the third. Is when become fully aware of your breathing. But the first and second is only getting a little closer.
Where my mind goes
Planning. Planning plans for myself and others. I love that my mind goes to seeking areas for improvement. I need to practice more so that my brain can easily switch that off.
Quieting anxiety and panic
I was firmly reminded that I must remember that Thoughts are NOT Facts. I realise that if we forget this at any time we can start to see them as if they were. Really strong discipline is required to observe our thoughts and to be able to let them go whilst maintaining mindful awareness.
Waves & Sensations traveling through..
Thanks so much for creating this longer version bc I love the bells 🔔 it feels like Waves and tingling sensation traveling through my body at whatever part I am focused on at the time I hear the bells. 🙏💙
The Bells
Lisa, thank you so much for making the extended version, it works so much better for me. I love silent meditation as it is basically self-directed. I love the sound of the bell, it always surprises me to realize where my mind is when it rings. I really appreciate this longer version.
Stimulating & Awakening bells
I chose this mindfulness bells meditation as my first meditation for the day bc I love the quietness periodically broken buy the sound of the bell. The bells are both stimulating and awakening! I definitely have to be in a certain mood and mind space for this to work. It’s a moody thing and I can benefit from this anytime of the day or evening. 🌞
🛎 Bells 🔔
I loved the extended practice! Thank you for heeding the requests. Unfortunately, my brain was like a squirrel getting ready for winter this morning, but the bells helped center me. I hope to try this again later in the day and see if my brain is a bit less scattered.
Mindfulness Bells
Thank you for that amazing practice. Just I would be drifting off into thoughts or plans or regrets or judgements the beautiful bell would ring and bring me back to the present!
Mindfulness Bells
I noticed that with each chime of the bell, your mind is forced to return to the present and the sound of the bell would linger on into my thoughts anticipating the next chime.
Getting Better
I did this meditation several months ago and although. I enjoyed it then, I struggled with my focus. At that time my mind was all over the place. I just tried this meditation again. I believe that I am getting better because I was able to stay present a bit longer than before. Lisa (the practitioner), reminded listeners of the importance of practicing personal meditation alongside of the guided meditation, in order to continue to develop our personal practice. This is something I need to work on.