Free Your Mind
In this extremely healing meditation, Brandon takes us on a journey back in time where we experienced some type of negative emotion. Through the power of our breath, we break free from this memory, this deadweight that has been holding us back from living our authentic self. Scanning my body through a beautiful energy visualization, stillness was born. Following Brandon’s guidance, I searched through my body and found where I was holding onto tension. Going to the front of my mind, I noticed a keyhole and peeked through it. All of the sudden, I began to fall deep down within my mind. Laying in this darkness, I thought of a memory that brought up some negative emotions. Reliving this memory in 1st person, I felt so confused and scared. I felt helpless because there were weights on my body. Seeing this little girl in 3rd person, I gave her the reassurance she so desperately needed to hear. Back in 1st person, I used the power of my breath to break free of these weights. Free, my body floated out of the darkness and into the clouds. Present in the Now, I felt my inner light illuminate my path ahead. Thank you, Brandon! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️