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Meditation to Clear Your Mind

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Brandon Epstein
This short guided meditation is designed to help you clear your mind and give you peace in the present moment.
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I felt
I felt my higher self and thanked her for being strong and not backing down
Continual Cycle
The continual cycle of breath. We can count on it until we take our last. Namaste
Walter J
Riding my breathe in and down into my expanding lungs... my cells, feeling the excitement of fresh life coming in, begin to dump their stale energy & toxins as fast as they can and start to happily absorb as much fresh energy as they can and immediately rush off to deliver it to the rest of my body... in order to create the newest version of me! Meanwhile, I exhale up & out all the depleted energy back to the Universe to be recycled/re-energized somehow. But that is not my concern, I simply give thanks to my Lord for that breathe & focus on the next fresh breathe coming in & ride it in and down into my expanding lungs... and this mysterious & magical sequence happens again and again and again until I eventually find myself back in the all-powerful, life-giving Now! I realize that here in the Now, I have no regrets, no worries, no anxious thoughts..., just me riding my breathe ...Giddyup!
In the Present
Taking time to practice focusing just on the present and clear away thoughts of the past and the future. Namaste
Focus on the present
Like a horse with blinders on, don’t look to the left (past) or the right (future) but straight ahead at the present moment. By looking at time in this linear fashion I learned it was easier for me to focus only on the preset moment.
All that matters is the present
It's OK to focus on the present and what's right in front of me. The past is the past and the future is the future. Being anxious about either is not worth the mental energy. Breathe.
This felt really powerful and strengthening
That throwing yourself forward clears blockages on past present
Excellent !
Truly loved tho simple bit potent exercice, calm and potent to focus on the present moment. Saved in my favorite tracks !
Clear your mind
What a great tool to remain present! See your timeline and focus on the present. Use a mantra
Juliana Oppenheimer
I’m a very visually oriented, thinking about horses and how they can’t see left or right just straight ahead is helpful.
Thank you for bringing me to the present. I get caught up in the past and the future. I need my blinders.
Thank you
This meditation finally cleared my mind. My jaw pain and migraine fought it. I stayed with you. Even after it ended without knowing. Your pauses helped me to concentrate on your guidance and I was finally able to get there. I'm rarely in pain, never have migraines. I don't like to mention physical ailments on Aura or negative events in my life. But this came on so suddenly. I didn't know what to do. Thank you a million times over for this meditation. I will enjoy it more fully and openly the next time I listen. I was irritated that my issues wouldn't allow me to. I especially liked the visualization of my past on one side, future on the other, and me breathing in the present moment on the middle. In the now. Namaste.
My mind is clear
Very effective. Riding the waves with my breathing. Everything is put aside but the moment right now! Very good. I needed this!
Now now now now now now
What a powerful mantra! I really did feel connected to what was happening in the moment - and actually, nothing really was. It’s amazing how our mind can create stories for us and try to control our narrative. Realistically, I am super happy to have found a new way to control my mind and sense of presence.
Brandon is a fantastic coach
I stumbled across this, didn’t see his name but recognized his soothing voice from his Jump Rope Dudes channel. Good to see you pursuing your passion, Brandon! Thank you. My mind is ready for the day and week ahead !