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Meditation for Work

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Brandon Epstein
Use this guided meditation to stop procrastinating, refresh your mind and start taking action. This meditation is perfect for recharging your brain and energy at work. If you feel stuck or feel yourself fading then listen to this 10-minute meditation to get back on track. This is a non-exclusive meditation. All rights reserved by The BE Mindset LLC.
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Flipping the Script
When we are feeling stressed or anxious, it is so easy to find ourselves in a bad mood. While in this bad mood, it is so easy to take the things we have for granted. In this amazing meditation, Brandon has us get relaxed in the present and then through the power of gratitude, we begin to slowly flip the script on how we are feeling. After consciously taking in a few rounds of deep breaths into my belly and other areas where I felt tension, my body began to relax. Noticing that my mind still had a whirlwind of thoughts moving around, I consciously took in a few more rounds of deep breaths into my body. Feeling my body and mind settle in the present, I began to use the power of gratitude to flip the script from hearing myself complain, essentially allowing external factors to control how I was feeling to taking the reins back into my own hands, essentially choosing how I wanted to feel. Bringing to mind everything I am grateful for, positive emotions began to rise in my heart and a smile blossomed on my face. Becoming a witness to my body, I no longer felt tension. Becoming a witness to my thoughts, I had the strength to not allow myself to get sucked into any negative ones. Flipping the script, I was thinking of how abundant I am. With gratitude fueling my heart with joy and my body with positive energy, I began to see my day unfolding in my mind’s eye. Setting intentions for how I want to show up, how I want to deal with any challenges, how I want to essentially feel throughout my day, I felt incredibly empowered. Whether we realize it or not, we bring everything into our life through our thoughts, which rule our motivations, which rule our intention(s). We can allow external factors to disturb us and essentially give away our power or we can flip the script, taking control of the things we can control, which is our attitude and what we consume in regards to thoughts, food, drink, media and the like. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I felt once again that Gratitude heals. GRATITUDE HEALS AND BLESSES OUR PATH FOR MORE TO BE GRATEFUL FOR.. for that which we sow we reap.. that which we are we receive ❤️🙌
Mental Fitness
Great meditation to get focused on my day and what I need to get done.
Gratitude . Positive intentions are key to help ground yourself.
Love, hope , and gratitude will overcome all negativity . Take your time to do everything . There is no rush . Always remember to breathe and relax. Fill your cup and mind with positive thoughts.
Meditation For Work
I noticed that connecting to a sense of gratitude makes me appreciate all of the opportunities I have and the wonderful people who are in my life. This makes me feel calm and replenished.
I like this one a lot. It’s a reminder that indeed the things that I’m grateful for are primarily outside of work. That I work to live, not live to work and I like it like that. A reminder to depersonalize what happens here. Getting it done is important- the identity crisis intimated by the task is not.