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Meditation for Self-Awareness

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Brandon Epstein
This guided meditation experience was designed to help you become more self-aware and in tune with your authentic self. The real you holds all your most potent potential. Use this meditation to uncover who you really are. This is a non-exclusive meditation. All rights reserved by The BE Mindset LLC.
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4 reflections
Playing the Game
When we ask ourself, ‘who am I’ most of us will say our name, our profession, our relation to others and so on and so forth. While this is true for our human identity, it isn’t the whole truth of who we are. Beyond the organs, blood, vessels, veins, muscles and tissues, there are these tiny circular objects called atoms. These atoms are what make cells which in turn, make everything we find in our entire body. Atoms also make up the universe, as they are in every star, every piece of bark on a tree as well as every life form. Understanding this, there really is no separation between our human body and the universe. As the great Rumi puts it, “The universe is inside us.” But, what really constitutes an atom? Isn’t just empty space at its very core? Yes. So,understanding this, we are everything, yet nothing at the same time. Knowing this deep fundamental truth of who we really are, we can now begin to play the game of our human identity. In this human game, we have been given choices and free will; choices on who we want to be and the free will upon which thoughts we entertain. We must be willing to ask ourself the question, ‘who do I want to show up as?’ Once we figure that out, we can begin to align ourself with the actions that will manifest into that. However, it is our thoughts which determine what we say or don’t say and which actions we decide to take. This is where self awareness comes into play. To play the game right, we must observe our thoughts, words and actions on a daily basis. If we find ourself not liking the outcome of our life, we must choose different actions. This goes back to observing our thoughts. Are they positive and encouraging or are they negative and unsupportive? Each morning before we get out of bed, we must ask ourself, who am I and how do we want to show up today. Asking these two questions will reveal two things to us. The first being that we are everything, yet nothing in the grand scheme of things. Thus, we are already perfect just the way we are. And two, knowing our deepest desires so we may align our thoughts, words and actions towards manifesting those desires. Now that we understand the game and know how to play it right, we we can now go out in life, have some great fun while playing the game and truly live an awesome life! That is, if we choose to do so! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Truth and selective action
I am nothing and everything, this story of life is a game to enjoy, kindof like choose your own adventure.
Marques Pizarro
I learned that we play a story inside our heads and in our unconscious. To change a portion of the external, you must change your actions. To change your actions your must change your outlook, your mindset. Your identity. To change your identity, you must find truth in what you are. And as mentioned in this meditation: we are everything, and we are nothing. We are part of the greatest game. We are part of the human game. We choose who we want to be. Once we choose who we are, we align our actions to match that identity, and our actions change the external world. Changing ourselves isn’t easy... but knowing this wisdom makes it more simple. Let’s keep playing!
I felt centered with myself
This meditation was great to remind me that I'm part of everything and nothing. I'm the agent of change and I'm the embodiment of the universe. It's up to me to live this truth with gratitude and awareness.