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Meditation for Letting Go

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Brandon Epstein
Use this guided meditation to let go of any unwanted emotions/energy. Our thoughts are constantly creating our reality, so it's important to clear our minds of worry when we begin to get overwhelmed. Listen to this meditation to let go of other people's expectations and let go of the past. All rights reserved The BE Mindset LLC
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7 reflections
Anjali Surana
I feel much more alive.
This meditation helped me to go so deep into myself, it’s unbelievable! I learnt the art of letting go of my emotional trauma one step at a time.
I was in a bad place and needed this. We can get colonized with the opinions, wishes and dreams of others. We are living their lives with our lives. The work has to be done to let go of all of that stuff.
I found it a tuff mediation to do. Feeling very much judged and unsupported by people. Want to let it go but having trouble. I'm an onion :)
So well said, “let go of others’ expectations” of you
I think in life we get too caught up in a job title, a status symbol (house, education or car) but in chasing those things we lose our authentic and true self. I think this meditation is wonderful to add to a playlist, download and definitely listen to on a regular basis. Thank you Brandon. Keep up the good work and thanks for helping all of us!
This was difficult
I don’t visualize well. I had a hard time finding just one emotion. I have a lot going on. I’m disabled and live with chronic pain. I’m unhappy with my job. I can’t release all this in a few breaths.
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