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Manage Overwhelm

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This meditation invites you to learn skills to deal with feelings of overwhelm and release any tensions from the body and mind.
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In this highly fast-paced and competitive society, it can be very easy to experience overwhelm from time to time. Putting demands on ourselves, we try to juggle as much as possible. While it is good to have high aspirations for ourselves, it can lead to burnout if we aren’t careful. In this wonderful meditation, Karuna has us acknowledge this feeling of overwhelm in our body and then we finish by repeating an excellent mantra. This year, I pledged to myself that I’d become better each and every day. Having a tremendous amount of self discipline, I knew what I wanted and went after it. The reward has been great as I have learned so much. However, ever since finding out about my beautiful boy having lymphoma a few months back, things began to change. While getting my boy treated, I have still been signing up for free summits and masterclasses so I may continue learning valuable life skills. Even though my body has felt rundown and feelings of overwhelm have surfaced, I have still been placing high demands on myself. I guess you could say I’m a high achiever. Following my breath, I began to visualize my inhale go to the depths of my lower abdomen. On my exhale, I began visualizing anything that didn’t serve me go down the middle of my legs, out the soles of my feet and into the earth. Feeling this overwhelm in my stomach and heart, I began repeating Karuna’s mantra. Practicing self kindness, I began to feel much better. Knowing that I will be mindful of what is important to me and let the rest go, I will keep these feelings of overwhelm at bay from now on. Thank you, Karuna! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Slowing Down
This helped me slow down at a busy moment. It helped me reset. It’s so important to stop and recenter at moments when our minds are all over the place.
This helped me to take breath that I really needed at that moment.
I just have to keep going. Take a breath, reassess, and take another step forward. I DO have lots of things on my plate. But I CAN manage them. I just have to take a breath and keep going.
Kindness to yourself
Overwhelm is just a part of being human, be gentle with yourself
Feeling overwhelmed is apart of being human. Take one thing at a time, just like one breather at a time. Being on my phone too much overloads my brain. That makes it’s time for a social media detox. 😇
Peaceful Morning
It felt as if this meditation fell into my hands today. Balancing two jobs, a PhD, and family duties has gotten the best of me lately. This meditation helps me realize I am more than my tasks - I’m human and need to take it one moment at a time.
Manage Overwhelm
This was the perfect meditation for me. I am very overwhelmed with work and life. This meditation really helped me
It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. Work on one thing at a time. As a mom and a grandmother sometimes it feels like I don’t finish anything. I need to work on my relationships and be a good mom, wife and nana.
Walter J
My overwhelming thoughts and feelings come from getting my house & gardens ready to sell while finishing out my current position at work(aka retiring from home improvement sales - during the busiest time of the year),looking for a new place to live in New Hampshire (while still living in PA) & setting up a new business to retire into. Then there is trading in two cars for a new truck, Church, Sunday School,Toastmasters & Rotary obligations and of course my day to day life to live... So it simply boils down to this: 1) getting a clear image of what I really want my life to look like in 3 months (house is sold, move is complete & I am Speaching full time to Youth & having time to finish writing my books) 2) doing the next task to the best of my ability, while imaging #1) 3) taking another breathe 4) repeat steps Staying focused on the desired image with positive, anticipating feelings, attracts energy to it more quickly, helping it to manifest more rapidly. Each completed task is 1 step closer. Feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks yet to do actually attracts more energy to all the things that need done and that list seems to grow and the neglected desired image never materializes. Pretty obvious which one I should do... Right?! How about you, What does your ideal future look & Feel like? Get the Image!! Namaste, ❤️🎙🍀
From this practice I learned that feeling occasionally overwhelmed it’s normal. I also learned helps take time to acknowledge when you are feeling overwhelmed, and to base yourself. I am grateful to the perks for this app for offering me this advice. Next time I am overwhelmed I will pause, breathe, and put this practice to good use. I am also grateful for the community on this app. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you were all OK, happy, and well.
Marques Pizarro
I learned to take one task at a time. One step at a time. One breath at a time. Like a runner, focus not on the whole marathon itself, but at the mile ahead of you. Daunting tasks and responsibilities can feel like a burden, but if you brake them into separate parts, it feels less stressful, less scary. Running a business, being a brother, a son, and a friend can feel like a lot of hats to wear... but be present and wear one hat at a time. You won’t look to weird either. 😊
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