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Loving Kindness

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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
In this meditation, you will learn how to cultivate energy around loving-kindness towards yourself and others. Take time to create space for an overall sense of ease, compassion, and forgiveness.
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Getting comfortable, I brought awareness to my breath. As I witnessed this body breathing, I brought awareness to my body. I noticed areas of soreness and areas of tension. By bringing awareness to these areas of soreness and tension, an opening of softness became apparent. Softening in these moments, I brought awareness to my heart and envisioned a green glow of light radiating. I brought all of me into my awareness. The good, the bad and the ugly. As I looked into my eyes and recited loving kindness phrases, I sensed my own rawness. Compassion and acceptance was felt in my heart. Then I turned my attention to someone whom I love, looked into their eyes and repeated loving kindness phrases. Sensing her rawness, my love for her grew. I turned my attention to someone whom I’ve had difficulties with lately. It happened to be the same person. As I continued to look into her eyes and recited these loving kindness phrases, I sensed her rawness again and my compassion for her grew. What a beautiful experience. Turning my awareness towards this body breathing, I was back in the room I was in. I noticed my heart full of loving kindness. Thank you, Vanessa! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Sharing happiness
Looking into your own eyes and those of the ones you love and those you dislike and then verbally wishing them happiness, health, and strength is a powerful exercise
Marques Pizarro
Love for the unknown
I learned that everyone is a human. Everyone makes mistakes, misjudgments, disagreements. But we should still love them. But more importantly, we ought to love our own being.
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