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Let Go of the Past - New Beginnings

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
This week, our theme is New Beginnings. We have the power to create a new beginning right now. This morning’s meditation will give you the space to let go of the past, all those stories, experiences and limiting beliefs that have the potential to imprison you and keep you from the fruits of your new beginning.
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6 reflections
Isn’t it amazing all the powerful things we can do with the breath?
Needed this today
I’ve been struggling with letting something go for the last few weeks. Honestly, it’s been something I should’ve let go a long time ago, but have been unwilling, even though it hasn’t been good for me. Today, I am finally ready. And I finally feel at peace about it, without anger or resentment. It’s so freeing!
This is hard
I noticed that I was only able to let go of a past thing partly. Yet, that is more than I have been able to in the past 8 years.
So good. Cleansing.
I didn't want this to end. I was in it and doing exactly what I was told. It feels like I'm lighter. I'm cleansed. I was more okay with thinking about painful memories than I thought I would be.
Goodbye past
I like this lesson. It's hard work but worth it. I'm trying to retrain my mind to stop going to negative places.
After ashes
I embrace letting go...even tho it can be the most difficult trust in new life after great and deep and sustained losses. I am fuelled by the Light...Love...and new way thru...up..n out. Thank you, Jesus. N thank you, Aura, n coaches, for such awesome work including this one. Such a soothing meditation.