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Let Go of Fear Hypnosis

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Glenn Harrold
Let go of fear is a gentle meditation which guides you to release all fear and anxiety from your past, and then moves on to helping you release all fear and worry around your future. It also guides you to be mindful of what you watch, read and listen to as these things influence the way you think and feel.
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3 reflections
Fear Hypnosis
I learned that I find it difficult to exclude distractions and focus just on my breath / clear my mind . I liked the idea of white light around me protecting me. I need to continue on this as if nothing else it made me relax and reset .
Fear - breathing out
Connecting breath on a deeper level during hypnosis has a light lifted ease. A breath journey guided with words to acknowledge and release fear anxiety and worry. It was more a sense of having experienced fear than fear as a memory. I just let it be. There was a brightness and definitely coursing through childhood. I was looking through my eyes but it was a sensing by the self. Not to get analytical. All in all it was and is a nice expansive space - thank you
Let go of fear
I will fulfil my souls purpose. Can relax and knowing that I will
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