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Legs On The Chair

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Legs on the chair is a guided meditation where the legs are resting on a chair or couch. This practice is designed to elevate the legs higher than the heart and this can give the heart a rest. Try this practice if you are feeling low in energy or in the afternoon when your energy can naturally dip. This restorative yoga pose is very beneficial for well-being and I like to do this practice also after eating meals to support digestion. Best wishes Lisa Pollard
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3 reflections
Phenomenal restorative session!
I can't believe that was only 7 minutes! I feel like a weight was lifted as I settled back into myself - great morning practice. Thank you!
I feel great
Controlling my breathing and letting go of all the negative thoughts helps me calm down and let go of my problems. I feel very relaxed and calm
Still and Quiet
Just by putting our body or parts of our body in different poses, we can feel some pretty incredible effects of aliveness in our body. One such pose is touched upon in this meditation called legs on the chair. By placing our legs on a chair while we lay down on the floor, the blood in our legs flows downwards and floods into our internal organs. This results in an overall awakening to our organs, aiding in a slower heartbeat as well as digestion. Laying still and quiet, this pose creates a pleasant space for us to sense the aliveness within our body. After getting a few props for my body, I laid down on my back and placed my legs from the knees down on a chair. Taking a few breaths to center me, I felt my body and mind becoming calm and relaxed. Laying still and quiet, I felt sensations of slight stretch in my lower back. After laying still and quiet for a few more moments, I decided to stretch my lower back even further by placing my hands over my knees and bringing them in towards my chest. Because I usually have tightness in this part of my body, this added stretch in my lower back felt great. After alternating my legs to my chest, I went back to laying still and quiet while relishing in the amazing life force energy I had just helped to create. Tingling all over, I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on my day! Thank you, Lisa! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️