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Law of Attraction Hypnosis (Short Version)

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Glenn Harrold
Diviniti Meditation & Hypnotherapy
This deeply relaxing Law of Attraction hypnosis session will help you to project your goals into the universe with real power and intent. When every cell in your mind, body and spirit are resonating at such an intense frequency, the Law of Attraction will deliver back to you exactly what you are projecting out into the universe. You will then find new opportunities come along easily and naturally, as you will have an alignment with your chosen goal.
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5 reflections
Law of attraction hypnosis
I loved this one. I felt the energy rising and it helped put my mind and body back into alignment.
I am full of energy!
I am free to grow! I am flowing with my own positivity and am charged, tuned in, and turned on!
I feel the light
I love doing this meditation in the morning, it helps me to tap into what I desire in my day. I face obstacles on not knowing what I want or how to express it. This mediation has really helped me to know I deserve the things I want ❤️
Live life to the fullest...
I learned that I can send positive thoughts and wants out to the universe and receive all the things I desire most.
Amazing hypnosis to start your day ! I feel refreshed and with so much energy. Thank you!
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