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Kneeling Posture

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This short guided mindfulness meditation is designed to support you to learn how to kneel on the floor with a kneeling stool or zafu. This encourages the hips to be higher than the knees and also blankets underneath the shin bones, so there is less pressure through the front of the ankles. Try using these props to support your kneeling position today. A neutral spine is encouraged whilst kneeling and you may find it is easier for you to feel the natural breath in this position. Thank you for your practice and I hope it nourishes you each day.
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3 reflections
Surprisingly wonderful. 😊
I learned that I can not only try different meditation postures or seating, but really enjoy them. Even if I feel resistant and a little uncomfortable at first. Such a wonderful new experience. 😊
Kneeling posture
I tried to kneel with just one block but, it was hard on my knees. I added another block and that brought no pain and felt good for a change of pace. I welcome others to give this a try.
A Few Important Lessons to Learn
This morning there are a few important lessons I would like to teach you all. One; never let your own emotions get the best of you. I know from experience because past me would let my emotions get the best of me and I would blow up at my friends and family. Two; keep toxic and negative people out of your own life. They aren’t worth your time or effort to try to help them. Three; change isn’t always bad I’ve learned that change is necessary to not only change your own character but to also change how you see life. Four; The key to success and happiness isn’t by how much money you make or how many possessions you have. The key to success is being happy and sharing that happiness with all of the people you love