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Compassion Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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Discover what cognitive behavioural therapy is and how we can approach it through a lens of compassion for ourselves.
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11 reflections
I’ve done a lot of CBT therapy stuff on my own and have practiced and taught myself
I felt sad thinking about how I forgot to take care of myself when I have been upset and instead let it fester.
I learned that I need to nourish myself, make a plan of care.
Veldig bra
Liker veldig godt disse damene. Det er mye bra og lett forståelig informasjon.
I Need To Be Kinder
I learned that I need to be my own best friend and to not be so hard on myself.
aren't we all usually kind and compassionate to others but never to ourselves ?!? i know that to be true for me so.. i need to work on that
We are made from love and light. Try and replace any negative feeling with that of love and compassion, and see that those years of suffering you were stuck in threat, panic, sadness, and blocked energy. You can change at any moment, you are not your body.
Introduction to CBT 10 minutes
I appreciate having the CBT Therapy method explained to me verbally so that I can understand what I am doing while engaging in during each session. The calming Water Sounds playing in the background are also helpful if a choice is made, after the audio has stopped playing, to continue with Meditation and Relaxation.
On top of the world, not
I should be feeing on top of the world but I am not. Yesterday signed contract on buying a house. But my brain is doing me in on whether I should stick with it or bail. I need to straighten out my brain and I guess reword it to normal. It’s been so far off normal for so long it thinks now is the new normal. Listening to this gives me hope I can retrain my thinking and thought processes to improve my life. Will continue to listen and try to learn. Thank you 😊 your patience is required. 🖤💜
Fighting Depression
I’ve came a long way since 2017, but life changing events seem to pull you back to a point where you have to relearn that you are good enough
Self compassion
When in the grip of the lows and a hyper activated fight or flight mode it can be hard to even concentrate and find the roots of distress yet with practice, gentle exploration and the help of breathwork and meditation I think That little steps out of the crazy dark have been happening. I put the work in, I’m more able to send the love out to myself and the world.
I learned about the three systems of threat. Sometime
Sometimes in the melee of life, I forget that those things of threat of self image with others is a saber tooth tiger. How we self soothe isn’t the best way and finding compassion for oneself is more lasting and beneficial.