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Inner Child Guided Meditation

14 Min
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Neha Prabhakar
Mindfulness Expert and Therapist
We lose touch with our inner self and the child-like nature while we grow up and face life challenges. This Inner Child Guided Meditation will help you connect with your inner child so that you can embrace it, love it, hold it to be able to feel whole and complete. This is a great meditation if you have been stressed and feeling sad lately. Listening to this audio can be an empowering and freeing experience.
From the community
6 reflections
I was so deeply into this meditation! The puffy cloud, dropping into the garden. So peaceful! I will do this one again!
Inner Child
Beautiful visualizations, which warm the heart and course throughout my mind, body and soul with healing energies. Thank you Neha for this soothing meditation. 🙏🏻💚
This transported me to my beloved childhood backyard and my inquisitive younger self.
I learned that I wouldn't change a thing about my life's choices. I told my younger self how ambition would take her far away and her kind heart was going to cause her a lot of pain, but be yourself anyway. You are going to end up exactly where you want to be, somewhere much like home, with more love and joy than you could ever dream of.
It was really amazing to be able to use my imagination & to be able to really connect with my inner child and embrace her!!
I was an innocent child worthy of love that needed more guidance. I can love that inner child now and nurture her and hold her and see her dreams and manifest what she didn’t even know how to dream.
Same. I was an innocent child who deserved love. I loved a life as though I was never worthy emulating someone born in sin. But I was born in love and worthy of it. I do not have to prove my worthiness and work sooooo much. I can laugh, hang out, nurture relationships, and be.
Alizée Zandile
They’re not mad at you
I reminded my inner child that she is loved. That she is brave. That she is kind. That people’s reactions and emotions do not diminish their love for you. I reminded her that I love her. Always 🤍
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