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Increasing Your Confidence

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
The most important words are the words that you say to yourself. Learn how to harness your self-dialogue to increase your confidence and self-esteem.
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Your voice is important
Your words are what matter most . Know that you do have a voice .
This reminded me to stay positive and that positive thinking takes you very far in life if you allow it to
Sarah Elizabeth
This is very, very, difficult for me to do. Every time I start to say positive things about myself, I just end up criticizing myself again. Positive words only last for about an hour for me. Years, years, and years of self criticism is very hard to reverse and erase. Especially when having family members who have been criticizing me all my life, even to this day. I am that high school kid in this meditation, and I am that woman in this meditation. If I don’t believe that I am worthy, or pretty, and others try to tell me I am, I believe them, but if I don’t believe it about myself then it’s not really true. It’s complicated. I’ve been struggling with this for too long, and it’s taking a toll on me. I have to work very hard on changing my mindset. This is one of the meditations I will have to listen to everyday to remind myself to say good things. It’s the only way I can be happy.
Increasing Your Confidence
I learned that i need to be more open minded with what i say to myself. I am doing OKAY & i AM ENOUGH. My mistakes do not define me as long as i learn from them & move on. If i get stuck ITS OKAY because as long as i am confident in myself i will do just fine.
I have learned that if I find the positive through all situations, I can develop the right behavior I’m telling myself how great I am. The higher confidence I have in myself the higher I can achieve my goals and accomplish anything. As long as I stay true to myself and boost myself up instead of lowing my confidence and comfort I will be better able to achieve the greatest obstacles I come across.
I have learned that if I find the positive through all situations, I can develop the right behavior I’m telling myself how great I am. The higher confidence I have in myself the higher I can achieve my goals and accomplish anything. As long as I stay true to myself and boost myself up instead of lowing my confidence and comfort I will be better able to achieve the greatest obstacles I come across.
I’ve never really paid attention to the way I speak to myself, because I haven’t necessarily ever thought I was very self critical. But now I will pay attention, and try to make sure I’m infusing myself with positivity.
To critical
I learned to be more gentle with myself because I am really the one that destroys good thoughts
Increasing your Confidence
I learned that encouraging thoughts to yourself can really boost your self-esteem and confidence.
I learned that if I believe I won’t succeed the chances are I won’t, but if I work a little harder to tell my self I will succeed than I will.
Say to yourself what you need to hear; do not wait for others to give what is you need for yourself
Self Esteem
I learned that the only way to get through something is when your own thoughts are good!!
Positive self-talk
Speak kindly to yourself, even when things don’t go well. It allows you to start seeing the best in yourself as well as others.
This taught me that If I keep being my self down I will never feel good inside and I need to feel good inside to have a good modd
Increase confidence
So true that most of us are critical of ourselves more than others. I am going to put her words into practice and praise myself whenever I look in the mirror and in place of personal criticism.
Putting myself out there
I am proud that I put myself out there today. It took confidence to put myself forward and create a connection with a random person in the library. It’s ok to give it a shot and make new friends.
What you say to yourself
This was very helpful. Listening to this, I realized I say some mean things to myself that just make me feel worse when I am scared or nervous. This session reminds me I have to be my own cheerleader.
Say nice things to myself
Saying nice things to myself is what I need. What I say to myself matters more than what other people say to me. I must be positive!
I received an invite to a casting call which made me excited & scared at the same time. This track reminded me that as long as you look for someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you are setting yourself up for disaster. You have to be whole and complete in yourself. No one can give you that. You have to know who you are - what others say is irrelevant.
Be kind to yourself.
I became aware of how often I dismiss my achievements & how awkward I become in accepting compliments. i will practice waking up with positive thoughts and selfcompliments and celebrate even the smallest accomplishments
The most important words you say are those you say to yourself. You can make this day happy just by saying nice things to yourself. On the other hand, you can make your day miserable by putting yourself down or finding some fault with yourself. If you wouldn’t say that mean or vicious statement to someone else, then don’t say it to yourself. You make your own happiness or sadness. Wouldn’t you prefer happy?
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Exactly what I needed to hear.
I’ve been feeling less confident than normally lately. I just started school and am second guessing myself that simple homework that should take an hour is taking so much longer. This was a reminder that I need to be kinder to myself and stop telling myself negative things about my work.
“The most important words you will ever hear are the words you say to yourself.”
Be your own encourager Give yourself more credit and focus on what you believe you’re doing right rather than everything you think you’re doing wrong
Walter J
I enjoy reading my affirmations out loud so I can hear ... me. My opinion matters and it matters the most, when I talk about me to me. A healthy ego is a strong ego not a weak one. A strong healthy ego Allows us to raise our opinion of ourselves and develop the courage to gain more confidence. We develop confidence by overcoming obstacles. But we must first have the courage to make the attempt. So talk yourself into being the Best you ever. Be your Best cheerleader & cheer yourselves on to more Courage, more Confidence, to living the life of your dreams!! ❤️🥳🍀
Eye Opening
I understood self talk impacted us. But I had not understood that what we say to ourselves is what matters most. Especially in the sense that it will override what others tell us. Thank you.
So many times our negative thoughts tell us we can’t do something but really what that is doing is rejecting ourselves before the world has a chance to do so. It is important to be kind to yourself and to look at new (hard opportunities) as a confidence boost for putting yourself out there.
The most important words come from me
I am my greatest fan and I am working on myself every day of my Life. I am good, healthy and happy
So true
Having a specific thought about my body have always affected how I do with it! When I say gosh I don’t look as great anymore I tend to find it harder to go and exercise or I lose that self appreciation. But a lot of people compliment me and I am at the age when a lot of people actually don’t even have the same strength and flexibility that I have. Now I have changed my attitude and appreciate my body and what it let’s me do even at this age! I am at my most flexible and strongest even when I’m at my oldest age! Now I exercise and do dance tricks even more than I can ever imagine! This is so true and truly effective! 🙏🏽❤️
Be my own encourager 🤍
If a student at school tells himself he is stupid and won’t do well at his studies his confidence and self belief has decreased. Because he tells himself he is stupid he doesn’t see point in revising ‘what’s the point in stupid and will fail anyway’. Likely, this response will yes cause him to fail. This gives him evidence to back up his fictional thought that he is stupid. He really believes it now. When I am having anxiety telling myself I’m not worth it and I can’t do it will only lower my self worth. I then act on that and miss out on social events ext which gives me ‘evidence’. I then get more and more deluded by my thoughts. It’s a vicious cycle. Break it. Tell myself: well done for trying, just be yourself- you are enough, I am Intelligent, likeable ect. Feed yourself with positive thoughts and i will begin to believe them, Followed by positive actions. Once again MINDSET IS EVERYTHING 🧠
Your Mindset affect your Future
Your mindset of yourself affect your behavior. If you believe that you can... then YOU CAN! If you are doubting yourself or you believe that you cant...then... you cant
Your own best friend
You really do have to be your own best friend and remember that your opinion should matter most to yourself, which is why it’s important to make it a positive and impactful opinion.
Wise advice: Being an encourage to yourself.
We will live a much more rewarding and satisfying life journey when we encourage ourselves with our own words. Thoughts have a direct effect on our actions and attitudes. #LawofAttraction. What we put out in the universe with our thought, we will attract the same back to us, good or bad.
I am ... positive affirmations inserted here. My subconscious mind is learning my value. The more conscious I am about positive self-talk and thoughts, the neurons in my brain will form a new path of awareness that integrates my self-confidence into both my conscious and subconscious mind.
True story
This is so true and so difficult😌 Practice practice practice…
I’m worth it
I realize how frustrating it is for my bf to tell me I’m sexy or cute or that I’m perfect because I’ve told myself otherwise for so long I don’t see what he sees. I’m going to make it a goal to tell myself positive things about myself every day.
I Did and Am Doing Well
Ha! My harshest critic…me. I can’t do away with my inner critic though. It does a serve a purpose. This session has reminded me to amplify and believe the other voice that says - you’re good and doing quite well. It does seem hard to counter the negative biases which I’ve had since a kid and through my adult life. But I will rely on moments to affirm myself. Bit by bit.
Rewriting my scripts
This is second time I listen to this session. And I’m glad to be reminded again about how I need to be my own best cheerleader. Myself encouraging myself. Transforming my previous scripts in life to one that accepts and affirms. Awesome!
I can make a great day happen♥️ less tension in my chest I choose to make a healthy meal today, I choose to clean my home
TGIF - Monday is just around the corner
Has been a very long week. That is all I can say! Hope I encourage myself to work less and dedicate that time to my family and myself.
I felt encouraged and was reminded that the most important words I’ll ever hear are the ones I say to myself.
I learned that this can be a great part of my daily routine.
Self talk working on me
Lightening up self talk is unnatural in western society. My beautiful 3 year 5 month old grandson has already said out loud turning away looking down “I’m not beautiful.” We are perplexed and only have to look within and love ourselves the growing grieving broken pieces the perfect necessity of having beautiful imperfections. Today the scissors were unbelievably dull. “How could I let them become that way!” I’ll go love them and sharpen them and keep on cutting.
Courageous curious kind considerate
In gratitude I can name and list and offer to myself snd others so mxx as my positive attribute Funny Steadfast Resilient I’m going to create 2 by 3 cards and write a word on each and share them.
What beautiful words - be your own encourager! I need to speak to myself more kindly. I am kinder to strangers than I am too myself
I liked hearing the most important words you will say to yourself are your own. To know your inner truth allows you to be free of allowing others words or opinions to hurt you.