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Relax & Increase Your Motivation (Awake)

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Glenn Harrold
This hypnotherapy session includes deeply relaxing background soundscapes that will help you connect with a profound feeling of hypnotic relaxation. At the deepest point in the hypnosis session you will be given a number of post-hypnotic affirmations and direct suggestions to help you.
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48 reflections
I learned that I do know what I want and that I can achieve these things without fear.
Motivation 🔥
I absolutely loved this!!! Will be doing it again, thank you!
I love this one!
It was really relaxing and got me into a deep relaxing trance. So cool!
Needed This!
I realized as I listened to this track that I needed to be reminded that I must stay motivated to accomplish what I need to accomplish for my own wellbeing. The hurricanes seemed to suck the forward 😃motivation right out of me (and everyone else) but they have passed. It’s time for me to get this life of mine moving forward again and now, not soon. I really enjoyed the kick in the senses this gave me. Time to awaken to reality and to continue living and creating my life. The sun is shining, the birds have returned after many days absent and they are going about there business. So must I!🌈
I really Relaxed completely. It really felt like I was in a trance like state. I wasn’t sure it was going to work. I wasn’t trying to be skeptical but I have a disability that makes my muscles naturally tense so I wasn’t sure my body would actually relax enough for this but it totally did! Will be doing this again!
Too relaxed
I enjoyed this meditation although near the end...I was too relaxed! My extreme relaxation actually caused me to fall asleep..the opposite of up and awake
I really liked this mediation. Positive affirmations were amazing!
Motivation (Awake)
I learned that I have conscious and unconscious cognitive level... The subliminal affirmations planted deeply within my psyche when nourished by listening and engaging in this meditation begin to strengthen and become increasingly a part of me... Then my response to the external phenomena aligns with my personal goals and desires for how my life will be lived out... God is love... The glory of God is Man fully alive... I am awaking into a new and clearer reality... So that I can improve my impact on those around me sharing God’s love with curiosity and wonder... Freeing myself and others from the Matrix... This is my ultimate goal... Maranatha....
Incredible Experience
Wow, I had an amazing experience with this hypnotic meditation. If you have 30 minutes and a pair of headphones definitely check this one out. All the positive affirmations that are said to you over and over will help put you in a positive frame of mind. It will help you to realize what your goals and ambitions are. I feel renewed positive energy, motivation to go after what I want, happy, grounded, and still am in awe at the effect this meditation has on me. I will be coming back to this meditation. AMAZING!!!!
Wow! Julie, you were absolutely correct in saying that this meditation was amazing! I have loved every one of Glenn’s meditations that I’ve had the opportunity to listen to and this one certainly did not disappoint. It literally was one of the best half hours I’ve experienced in quite a long time! I put on my headphones and settled down on my bed. The more I focused on Glenn’s voice, the more relaxed I became. I was getting lighter and lighter until I had the incredible sensation of floating and feeling an intense sense of peace engulf my entire body. Repeating Glenn’s positive affirmations, a glorious and glowing light began to shine throughout my body. When Glenn counted up to 10, I opened my eyes and found myself smiling. I am left feeling refreshed, calm and inspired! Wow! What an amazing experience! I will definitely be revisiting this! Thank you, Julie for inspiring me to take the time to listen to this awesome meditation! Namaste 🙌🏻💫☮️❤️
Day 2...Courage
I have decided to listen to this meditation for the next week to see what insights it sparks from within. Today the main message for me was courage and confidence. I wonder if that also has anything to do with the documentary I watched yesterday. 🤔 Today I will show up fully present in my life. I will let myself be vulnerable and choose to be seen. It is a brand new day one filled with endless possibilities. 💪❤️🍀🌈
Day 3...Calm and Centered
I believe in myself. I feel calm and centered. Those two affirmations really spoke to me today. Both of those will come in handy with dealing with my Dad today. I may have to have a talk with him about keeping his apartment clean which is something I am not looking forward too. After listening to this meditation I believe in myself that I will be able to handle this situation with compassion and stay calm and centered. I will not let any negative effect from spending time with him effect the rest of my day. I am feeling empowered.💪
Day 4...L💖VE
We cultivate love when we allow our most powerful and vulnerable selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor that spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness, and affection. We can only love others as much as ourselves. Today I choose to show up fully present, with an open heart, walls down in all my relationships today. Sending 💖 to everyone here!🥰
Day 5...Inspired
I feel inspired, energized, and motivated which all are feelings that I have felt consistently all week. I have felt inspired after this meditation to continue working on boosting my serotonin levels by going to exercise afterwards, to try new recipes...I ❤️to cook, and show up fully present to my life. During this meditation this time I could see a bright light filling my body up with positive energy. This energy will give me the power to attract more positive things into my life today. I feel amazing!!! Wishing all of you an amazing day! Sending ❤️ and positive energy to all of you!
Quality of Life
I believe in myself is one of the affirmations that has been consistently repeated in a couple of Glenn’s meditations. I have noticed his voice will pop up in my head at times with this thought. I have the power to change the quality of my life which is my main goal. To change the way I look at a situation that has had me stuck for 10 months now. Since starting to listen to this meditation, I have felt more motivated, energized, feeling positive, and always at the end when it is time to wake up have this feeling of today is really a new day filled with new possibilities.
I am amazed at how good I feel after I listen this this meditation. It is probably the reason why I keep coming back to it. This afternoon I was starting to feel a little sluggish which this was a wonderful 30 minute pick me up. I’m feeling energized. Time for the doggies and I to head to the park for our afternoon walk. It’s another beautiful day here. Only 80 degrees with a nice breeze. Wishing all of you a wonderful afternoon! 🌻🌞
By far one of the best
I learned so much and benefited in so many ways energetically and spiritually with this motivating meditation. I love the affirmations—courage, confidence, motivation, inspiration and creativity. This is easily my favorite meditation.
Courage and Confidence
In order to believe in yourself you must have courage and confidence, this meditation was a good reminder to continue to seek those endeavors that can bring joy and happiness to loved ones!
This past month I have listened to this meditation numerous times along with a few from Bradley that have really made a difference in the way I feel. I feel myself coming back to life. The darkness is fading away. My mindset is changing to more of a positive view and my thoughts are more in the present moment. I am happy with the progress I have made. I am also proud of myself for acknowledging that I need to get back on track with taking care of myself.
It has been awhile since I have listened to this hypnotherapy meditation. It is one of my many favorites. This morning I needed a boost of energy, inspiration, and motivation to get my day going. I am feeling energized. It is going to be a great day! 🌞✌️💪💫
Carpe Diem 🌞
I am motivated! -and inspired -to make good use of today.. starting NOW. 🌿 SIEZE the day!
After listening to this meditation, I feel refreshed, renewed and inspired! I have not felt this good after a meditation in quite a while. I am ready to take on this amazing day!
I am listening to this session almost every morning! I am working on keeping myself motivated on few goals I have: finish few exams while working and becoming a recognized therapist. I feel it’s important to practice and understand this process by my self so I can support others better!
I learned that setting the intention and seeing it my mind is a powerful tool.
As someone who hasn't always been comfortable with hypnosis, Glen has truly changed this belief. This is session is more powerful than anything I have ever experienced.
Deeply relaxing and empowering meditation. I feel energized and strong.
First meditation
I felt rushed and anxious towards the beginning, trying to get the meditation over with. But towards the end I felt like I was getting the hang of it, and that I can use my mind and thoughts as motivation.
Brand new
I was starting to become overwhelmed with my emotions and trap myself in some disbelief of my goals leaving unmotivated. Then I stumbled upon this and at first I laughed at the voices going left and right so it put me in a way better mood. It was genuine good laugh. After settling down, I focused a lot more on his voice and my breath and I feel way much more energized and ready to work towards my goals.
I was having a hard time focusing and relaxing/unclamping the right side of my brain. Feeling refreshed and renewed with a fully functional healthy mind. Thank you!!
First time I've done such a long guided meditation and the deepest I've been. Surprised by just how quickly I could come out of that state and feel more awake then when I started.
First Guided Meditation
I felt very awake and alert after. I also felt calm and steady. I look forward to instilling this confidence, energy, courage, and motivation into my day to day.
More alive
I learned that I can feel rejuvenated and alive after meditation.
She’s ALIVE!
Wow! I feel like a giddy, little girl who wants to skip in mud puddles and make daisy chains. That meditation was awesome! Thank you!!
Ultimate Relaxation
I awoke to feeling light and free. The tension and anxiety that I was holding in my chest is gone.
Kristen Marie
My First Hypnosis
This was amazing! Sooo relaxing but i end Awake! This one is EXACTLY what i Needed RN. Off to make breakfast & start the day! 💝
I loved this one. I am feeling optimistic that i can achieve what i have nit been able to thus far
Listening to this one was great! It helped to relieve me of my anxiety 100%!
I learned to focus on my goals, dreams, ambitions, and motivations through listening. My body became relaxed with every instruction, and began to feel my spark again! It’s like everything I’ve been bitter about disappeared once I focus in on where I want to be!
Big hug from the universe
This was exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it. I came out with invigorated energy I was certainly lacking before and the elation of gratitude for life I had been craving. Thank you!
I felt very tranquil listening and appreciated the positive affirmations
The music was so serene, his voice tranquil and soothing yet gently forming with affirmations. V powerful and headsets definitely improve the way it resonates
I felt proud and satisfied.
I saw the life style I wanted. I felt very satisfied and proud of myself. Feel motivated and see the path I need to take.
Hypnosis 1st time
I learned that it’s getting easier and easier to get to that thst of calm mind. And all you do is float through space
First time
Today I truly experienced the calm state of mind. I could sense the trance. I couldn’t move my hand throughout the whole recording. I was constantly smiling at the end of it. It bought a sense of satisfaction. I feel good.
Felt so tired afterwards instead of motivated and energized
I feel great!
I actually have energy and feel motivated for the first time in a long time. Awesome!
Motivation and Energy
I‘am motivated and energiesed from within. I live life to the fullest. I‘am calm and centered. I will achieve every goal and overcome stress and anxiety.
Relax and Motivated Hypnosis
I learned that all of this is bringing me closer to my goals. Out of all the list of goals I have created the 4 orarching big ones are 1. Wake up and 5AM daily 2. Expand your circle of close women 3. Find a traveling job 4. Get into Standford. Right now the goals that I have for myself are stepping stone goals for 1 & 3 and this part of my goal I have to go about alone. I am right where I should be, I am exactly at the point of life I was meant to be. Infact I am lucky to know my purpose. I am lucky to even found actionable ways for me to achieve my purpose. I now have to work on those actions.
This session
It felt soo good and just put me in such a relaxed state of mind. I feel so goo now, thank you for this recording.
Motivation Boost
Lately, I have been feeling tired, uninspired, and a little overwhelmed with everything that is on my plate lately. I’m in a little bit of a funk. About 3 years ago, I was in the same state when I came across this hypnosis session. I listened to it for 30 days straight to fully let the positive affirmations sink into my being. And, it was a complete success in getting me out of the funk I was in. So here I go again for the next 30 days this will be on repeat to get me back to the person I am meant to be. Today, it has already worked its magic in energizing and renewing my spirit which I am truly grateful for.
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