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I AM Mantra - To Have And Hold Privilege

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The idea of a mantra to profess the privilege you hold, feels awe-inspiring! This is a perfect mantra to boost your confidence, to remind you of your worth and value, your important contribution to the world; and to live a privileged life in the presence of kindness and gratitude. As you listen, consider the simple yet profound aspects of your life that support and nourish you.  Consider why you deserve privilege; why we all do; and the difference between privilege that is built upon ego and privilege that is known, and lovingly supported in humble gratitude. Namaste
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3 reflections
I Am Privileged
I am privileged to love, to be cared for, to live every single day
What a great way to view my world. In amongst all the stress and pain, to realise that I really am privileged and to be grateful for that, is eye-opening. Thank you Dorothy. 🙏
I Am Loved
This is what I need every day. After years of being beaten down & told I wasn’t good enough this is what I need to build myself up & become the person I once was. Strong, independent & most of all loved & loving. Thank you 🙏
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