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I Am Good Enough Meditation Golden Glow

23 Min
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Michael Mackintosh
Meditation & Life Coaching Expert
We often get down on ourselves feeling we are not good enough, not attractive enough, not successful enough. This meditation allows you to let all that go and tap into your eternal golden glow, pure radiance, that is not based on your body.
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3 reflections
I am more than a physical presence
This meditation helped remind me that I am so much more than this earthly vessel. My inner being is what’s most important, not the physical. I need to take care of this shell while I’m in it, but it is not my essence. I am a shining being of light. It’s time to let my light shine.
Special soul
I am a special soul, I am a warm golden light, I do radiate a golden glow. I need to remember I am good enough.
Can’t win them all
I couldn’t seem to focus during this meditation. My thoughts were in abundance and just kept stopping by.
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