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Affirmations to Attract Luck & Money

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Neha Prabhakar
Mindfulness Expert and Therapist
This is a short Affirmations audio to attract luck and money into your life. When you listen to it for 21 days, you will notice that you become luckier and find opportunities to earn more money. Sometimes, you would also receive unexpected money.
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Clear Channel
Aligning with my breath, my body welcomed my mind in the Now. Having no thoughts about yesterday, my upcoming day or tomorrow, I became relaxed in the Now. Sensing a golden shimmering cocoon all around me, I opened myself to receive. Repeating these affirmations with my entire body, aliveness swirled all around in my body. Afterwards, I was given a few moments to sit within this shimmering cocoon and listen to the background music. Sensing my vibrations soaring, I am a clear channel for love, positivity and goodness in this world. May this day be filled with luck and abundance for everyone! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I am lucky and will see opportunities to make money and money will follow me in abundance
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