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How Not to Beat Yourself Up

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This is a talk on how to reduce self-critical thinking or negativity towards oneself and others. If you want to meditate on this, please go to my channel and find the earlier meditation on "Emotional to Calm". Thank you.
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10 reflections
Attitude is everything
The saying “ you are your own worst enemy” has been around for years! It’s the one thing I struggle with because I do not like the feeling that I may be settling. I will leave with this quote that has helped me tremendously, “Practice makes improvement, it does not make perfect”! Cheers!
Different perspective
It is good to look at experiences as they are; as mentioned in this meditation “not as something good or bad”, because they are just that, lessons. In this meditation, it is being asked of us to remain neutral when our emotions are being compromised, that, instead of saying “I’m angry”, to say “I’m experiencing anger”... that doesn’t sit well with me because we are human beings, & those emotions are within us at that specific moment. We don’t want our emotions to be invalidated! And while this meditation is reinforcing self care & self love, I believe self love would come regardless your flaws, emotions, experiences, etc. To be kinder to others is to be kinder to yourself & vice versa. To be kinder to yourself, you must accept yourself just the way you are.
a mind a heart.
I forgot our mind can get attached to many things and situations in our everyday lives. I forgot our hearts are the real rules of our soul. everything our mind does it is not us or, it is not our true self. They are just thoughts and not actual feelings only a hazy maze that is hard to get out but, in reality there is no in and there is no out. You are already safe you are already in one piece.
I am experiencing rather than I am. We are not our emotions. Pain & pleasure are both things we encounter; try not to label them.
I’ll try to remember this
I’ll try to remover that I am experiencing emotions. The emotions are not me.
It’s important to note that self-acceptance and changing the way we view the world is an exercise and requires repetition
Self awareness and acceotance
Realize when you’re being self-critical or judgmental of someone else. Be grateful for your body, mind and what they do for you. I can be very self-critical, I need to give myself more praise and not be so hard on myself constantly.
About self and the choices I make
I am not what I’m feeling or thinking. These are things I’m experiencing and not necessarily me. The more or identify with being this way or that the harder I make it to no longer accept that as who I am and to recognize that as what I’m simply experiencing.
jess 🧡
self talk
throughout this meditation i learnt about our voice. the voice in our heads that is constantly speaking up. this voice can be very negative at times, so in order to become a more positive person we need to change that little voice
jess 🧡
as i listened to this meditation, i found my thoughts wondering off and it because hard to focus back on this practice :((
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