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Jordana Reim
Inner Peace
In this short meditation give yourself just the pause you need to start again. With whatever has happened, allow yourself to reset and go into whatever is next without any baggage from whatever has occurred. Fresh mindset starts now.
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Needed a meditation like this to reset My 6 week initial New Years intention... has one lapse day yesterday .. falling into old habits . Now back to starting my day with meditation and prayers / 70 oz of water/ physical activity goal / home organizing goals and staying focused one task at a time! RESET .....Thank you
Jon Mark
What a concept... After getting some rough news earlier today, this was exactly what I needed. I considered how I may react if this state was the baseline. I didn’t take a step backwards today, this is just where I am. How I move *forward* is within my control.
I noticed this as a fresh start. A chance to go about my day with forgiveness.
I am very upset with my fiancé. He can make me the worst person but no more blame, I need to take control of my reactions and behaviors ultimately , he is a mean mean mean person
I need to control my emotion. I do cry a lot. But I can stop but when it gets bad, he overpowers my Emotions and begs for me to just go with the flow.