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Healthy Joints - Freedom of Movement

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Healthy joints and freedom of movement are important, especially when we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, as our body can carry more tension. It's important to allow the blood to flow freely through the joints and to invite movement regularly to release stress or tension in the body. Notice how it feels to move various joints carefully, and observe the different sensations in the right and left sides of your body. I hope you can move your body mindfully each day to explore how gentle, mindful movements can bring ease. Enjoy your daily practice.
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11 reflections
I learnt that....
I think it’s better to do this one before or after bed!!!! Because it’s relaxing and you have a stretch if needed.
Healthy joints
It felt good focusing on my joints, bringing my thoughts inward to focus on the sensations. The little reminder to feel some gratitude for what my body does and the support my joints give me was nice
Stiff joints
I struggled to understand what she meant during certain movements but managed to complete the session. Made me realise I have some joints stiffer than others! The session has lifted my mood and brought things to my attention that I wasn’t aware of previously so it’s a win win for me!
The different joints pop when you don’t use them enough....need to move more!!!
It was nice to focus on my joints and to give my body some attention because I tend to let attention to myself slip in the midst of the busyness of everyday life
A change of focus was good.
I do enjoy the mindfulness of breathing but changing it to think about some of the joints in the body was good, and I learnt that my wrists don’t like to roll in the opposite direction...
I liked the fact that I not only relaxed, but I also was able to take time and focus on parts of my body. Since I'm a dancer, this is important, so I'm glad I could take some time to focus on this.
Healthy joints
I did this in my car so there wasn’t a lot of room to enjoy it fully. I appreciate that i stuck with “great” when it asked my mood (i was hesitant to say i felt great for some reason) because ive never considered meditating with movement. I imagine this meditation wouldnt have come up if i hadnt chosen “great.”
Nina Fame
I like this one ❤️
It feels good to listen to my body. Hello to a good day! I've got nothing more to say but they make us write more.
Machine or Masterpiece?
This session awakened me to the masterpiece of the body and I’m soaking in gratitude that my body has developed like a well engineered machine to strengthen and tone to meet the challenges of my physical work, despite the soreness I feel at times. Reminded me that part of the maintenance required is gentleness. Being patient to rest and renew.
Moving might hurt at first but it feels better the longer you do it.
This is great, first time that aura has suggested this exercise for me. I love going through zones of my body to be aware of my feelings good or bad