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Healing Hug

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Lisa Pollard
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
This short guided practice is to encourage a pause breathing space with touch, a moment to feel into the body with support and gentleness. This practice can be repeated during the day if you are feeling stressed or disconnected from your body. Thank you for for your ongoing practice. Best wishes Lisa
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I learnt that you can feel bliss by sharing space with yourself and giving the warmth through ur own touch.
Lisa Pollard
Healing Hug
Welcome to this new recording, a short practice to support healing through touch and a gentle hug. Many of us will be feeling the stress of uncertainty so touch can be grounding and calming. May we all invite ease today. Love & Blessings Lisa
Soothing Touch
When we are stressed or worried, our shoulders tend to go upwards and as a result, we can feel even more tension. In this short, but very effective meditation, Lisa guides us to give ourselves a healing hug by crossing our forearms over our chest and resting our hands on our shoulders. Settling in my chair, I felt my shoulders tense and upwards, as I have been feeling adverse effects in my body from a procedure I had the other day. Placing my forearms over my chest and resting my hands on my shoulders, my shoulders naturally dropped. Having my shoulders drop, I began to feel less tension. Taking some time to pause and ride the waves of my breath, I felt my forearms move, my chest open up and my shoulders rise and lower. Giving myself this soothing touch, I have activated my parasympathetic system, which naturally puts me into a more calm and relaxed state. By becoming more mindful in my day to day activities, I have often found myself holding my shoulders upwards. Learning this healing hug from Lisa, I now have a new way to naturally lower my shoulders while also giving myself a soothing touch. Thank you, Lisa! I am grateful! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Healing Hug
Touch is so powerful. I felt comforted after hugging myself and enjoyed riding the waves of breathe as my chest would raise my arms / forearms.
A Warm Hug From Myself
I learned that taking the time to show appreciation to yourself by giving a warm hug is just as beneficial as getting a hug from someone you love.
Healing Hug
I do hold stress in my shoulders. The way the arms were crossed really helped to release the tension
This is really ....
Groovy! Can you please take some care to do it too? I don’t really have a worry in my life; but the practice of just hugging yourself is REALLY Awesome! Have a Groovy day! ☕️🐝☕️
Closed and Open
A good practice, starting out taking care within, then opening up. Namaste
Healing hug
I really liked this one. I have never practiced a hug meditation. Very nice