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Have a Great Tomorrow

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Tom Evans
Storyteller, composer, guide
When we come to the end of a day, we can often just fall asleep and the day that follows is like ‘rinse and repeat’. This practice is designed to steer you towards a peaceful sleep and to set up the most perfect day ahead.
From the community
8 reflections
Just for tomorrow..
Just for tomorrow, meet a new soul. Just for tomorrow, ask for a piece of the future to visit you in the now. Just for tomorrow receive. I enjoyed this meditation and haven’t done one with this guy person. I resonated with it and enjoyed a lot of the phrases.
Can be better than today as today things are tough but things can get better.
Sufficient are the worries for today
I learned it’s just as important to have mindfulness on your tomorrow to do list. And that presents a beautiful opportunity to use my brain power for good.
Worried thoughts
Everyday I sit in my thoughts of just thinking instead of actually reflecting and seeing all of the beauty around me. Sometimes al I can think about is if I’m going to mess something up or if something is going to happen. I have been trying to break out of this loop of thinking. This meditation session today helped me see more than ever how I need to be more thankful and grateful for my days.
I felt hope
I learned to be optimistic about future. I believe that everything will be great in the next month.
I am
I want to let go of my intrusive thoughts. I can’t enjoy life and be in the moment by worrying about things I can’t fix at that time.
Finally feeling safe...
This was so soothing. The narrator was perfect. Sounds were on point. I've never been so relaxed that I felt vulnerable... But safe at the same time. I think that's the first time I've let my walls down and relaxed in almost 16 years. Domestic violence will have that affect on you. I'm amazed at this technic of meditation. Absolutely love it.
Being thankful for today and setting intentions for tomorrow lifted my mood and give me hope.