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Guided Meditation (Awake Ending)

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Glenn Harrold
This meditation will guide you into a deeply relaxed state. You will be given a number of post-hypnotic suggestions and carefully layered affirmations to help you feel refreshed and relaxed. At the end of this meditation, you will be gently guided back to full waking consciousness, making it ideal for daytime use.
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9 reflections
Neutral right now
I feel neutral right now, I don’t have a lot of energy but then I haven’t had breakfast yet so I think I need some nourishment. It might’ve been better to wait until I ate something and moved around a little bit. I’ll try this meditation again sometime because I did enjoy the visual experience and the affirmations.
Happy Re-Birthday!🎉
I feel AMAZING right now! This session has been the best one yet!! I played it the minute I woke up so I was dozing in and out of sleep throughout. For this reason I had to repeat it 3 times! That would normally irritate me (or the average person!) to death 💀But today the impact of the session changed everything! I guess we grow into Robotic thinking and behavior over the years... I didn’t even realize that it, or I, could change that. Now I’m able to feel and see the difference! I’m able to act upon how good I feel to everyone I come in contact with, and I’m helping others to become more Mindful as well!♥️Thank you Aura team! I don’t remember the last time I felt this good about LIFE!! Thank you for the tools to help myself! 😘 Young Widow 💕😁....Happy Halloween 👻 Everyone! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
Amazing session!
Got myself carried away couple times in this session. Feels so relax now
High stress
I have trouble focusing when I’m overwhelmed with work stress. I was able to focus back in. I noticed that when positive affirmations were repeated I felt as though it was echoing throughout my body and mind. With all the roles we play in our daily lives, especially myself I have to remember I am one. Taking care of my mental health is a must and i always feel greater after a well needed session.
Relaxing and Invigorating
This is another one you definitely need to use headphones to be able to experience the full benefits of this meditation. Glenn’s soothing voice has you start this meditation with breathing from your diaphragm which for me was a little awkward at first. Even had me feeling a little nauseous. Luckily, the nausea passed quickly and I felol into a very relaxed trance like state. My visualization during this meditation started out sitting on top of a terrace of an old Victorian mansion. I feel the sunshine and cool breeze on my skin. As I take the marble staircase down to a beautiful garden with each step I take I become more relaxed. Once I am in the garden I feel the fresh soft cut grass on my feet as I take in the smells and beauty around me. Then I make my way down to a stream where I gaze into the clear water enjoying this moment of peace to myself. As I begin my journey back to my present moment, I feel an inner peace and strength along with love and compassion throughout my whole body. My whole body is experiencing a tingling season all over like having the warm fuzzies. I awake feeling refreshed mentally and physically. Thank you so much Glenn for another incredible experience this afternoon!! I will be back.😀💪🌈
Healing Garden
This relaxing meditation helps you to connect with nature by visualizing a beautiful garden that leads to a peaceful stream. This garden provides healing from within. At the end, you visualize a white light surrounding your body to provide you with strength and protection to be able to face any challenges that arise today. I am feeling calm and centered.
Tranquil Garden
Eagerly to relax, I began to practice what Glenn calls diaphragmatic breathing, in which we push out our belly on the in breath and bring our belly inward on the out breath. Going deeper into relaxation, I imagined myself on top of a beautiful terrace, the sun warming my skin as a gentle breeze flowed through my hair. I looked out beyond the terrace and saw the most beautiful garden for as far as my eye could see. Wanting to go be in this garden, I stepped down marble steps and began walking along a path marveling at the amazing beauty in this tranquil garden. The path led me to a stream, so clear and pure that I decided to lay down next to it on the lush green grass. While laying down, I looked up and became lost in the vastness of the deep blue sky. An immense sense of calm and peace came over me as I heard Glenn’s voice in the distance dropping gems of positivity into my subconscious. Soon thereafter, I opened my eyes and my heart center was filled with this incredible warmth of love and gratitude as I saw my mom’s German Shepard, Sarge, laying next to me. Indeed, my heart was smiling as I listened to the beautiful music at the end of this meditation. Feeling strong, courageous, grounded and full of light now, I had a strong urge to share the love and gratitude I felt in my heart. So, I went up to my mom with open arms and told her I loved her. Thank you, Glenn for bringing this calm, peace and love to my spirit! I will definitely be revisiting this tranquil garden in the future! Namaste...☮️❤️🙏🏻
Waking with anxiety but after listening to Glenn I feel like a beautiful bucket of clouds filled with love, peace, warm have washed over me , my body absorbing the cloud’s essence.
I will listen to this meditation by Glenn every morning before I start my day and thus be assured it will be a great day no matter what comes my way.
Morning hot tub 1/5
I learned that no matter what I'm doing my center is always Leeann and all 3 of my children, smiling and being themselves.i love them all so much!