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Great Day Morning Meditation

7 Min
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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Start your day with the motivational boost you need! In this short meditation, you will find helpful affirmations to jumpstart your day and begin on a mentally and energetically high note.
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6 reflections
Sweet Aliveness
Standing with my hands slightly fanned out at my sides, I deepened my breath in a diaphragmatic manner. While diaphragmatic breathing, I decided to constrict my throat muscles to include the ujjayi breath. Getting into this rhythm and sound of this victorious breath, I visualized a golden light shine down on and fill my body. Feeling a sense of deep inner stillness and peace, I followed Vanessa’s lead and repeated affirmations. Continuing to repeat these beautiful words, I smiled as I felt my energy channels open. Charged with sweet aliveness for this new day, I sent these wonderful good vibrations out into the world. May everyone join me in having a day filled with sweet aliveness! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Just What I Needed
This practice is just what I needed this morning. I woke up with my jaw tight from stress. I did this practice before getting out of bed. I feel more relieved, and ready to enjoy the day ahead! Thank you!
Start the day
Good moment of clearing the mind for the start of my day. Feeling ready to face the day with a positive mind.
Vanessa’s affirmations were exactly what I needed this morning to start the day with a mindset of giving myself permission to enjoy the day, and not dwell on yesterday. I’m looking ahead at this day with so much possibility now thanks to her guiding words. Namaste!
I learned that morning meditation starts the day off peacefully with Grace and Gratitude. 💜
Have a great day!
I felt the breathing, affirmations, light, and positivity. It is a great day!